Are your limitations really true, or do you just believe that they are?

Whether true or not, it is your belief in them that is restricting your growth, your choices, and your ability to take action. 

If you want to be successful, you can’t afford to be placing limits on yourself. Your competition isn’t, and even if they have an inferior product or service, they’ll beat you to the punch thanks to your hesitancy. 

So much of our success, whether in business or indeed any area of our life, is down to our mindset. I want to share a life hack with you that will help eliminate your limiting beliefs, and move you out of your own way. Not only has this has worked for me, but also the countless others with whom I’ve shared it thus far!

The first thing to acknowledge is that, now more than ever before, we face an unnatural barrage of sensory stimulus in the Western world.

We feed our brains a diet of social media, TV, Hollywood… and it’s not getting better by itself any time soon. Sitting at home day after day, thumbing through mile after mile of your Instagram feed, you are bombarding your subconscious with a billion pin pricks of unedifying information.

It’s telling you that your life isn’t what you want it to be, and deliberately so!

Does this mean that the ‘lives’ depicted offer you a glimpse of what you truly want your life to be? No, not really. I mean, it’d be one thing if these ‘influencers’ actually awoke in you a tangible notion of what you wanted to do with your life! But more often than not, it’s just the repeatedly hammered-home message that what you have is not sufficient.  

This constant derision of our lot in life doesn’t just extend to lifestyle; we are also encouraged to believe that various aspects of ourselves dictate certain predilections, opinions and outcomes in our lives. 

Why?!? Infinite possibilities are out there, guys!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Infinite possibility does not automatically equate to certainty or even high probability! It is possible that I could be paid $1M per year to play basketball, but the likelihood of me having the time or inclination to train myself to the requisite standard that would overcome my age (and height disadvantage), is pretty low. Still possible though!

We do have to live in the real world (of course), and as I always say: we must dream with our eyes open. That still doesn’t mean that anything is closed off, it’s just that if something is going to show up for us, it has to do so in a way that we can witness it happening. 

Now here comes the hack: rather than trying to re-write every single limiting belief that you have, what if you could just open yourself up to the ‘maybe’ that you can be anything?!

Not the certainty, just the ‘maybe’!

Our beliefs are the filter/gateway to what we can experience in our conscious world. If that gateway is unlocked, you’re already a step further without even pushing the door open. Ideas and outcomes that were previously fenced off can start finding their way through. In other words: you aren’t getting in the way anymore!

I mean think about it: what’s the first and easiest step you can take in the direction of a desired outcome?

Don’t get in its way!! 

I am sure that you know someone who always embarks on new ventures only to ‘crash and burn’ and jump on the next bandwagon the following week. Why? Because fundamentally, they do not believe that the outcome they are seeking is possible. So, the self-sabotage quickly puts paid to whatever venture they’ve undertaken – and so the cycle begins again. 

Look, I get it! It’s hard to undo a lifetime of programming that has been telling you that you’re not worthy of something, or that you have limitations that exclude you from certain things. 

That’s why the first step involves simply unlocking the gate. Then you can see what begins to trickle through, building evidence to support more confidence and growth. 

Okay, a quick bonus hack for you!

The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a real experience and an imagined one. Your subconscious is buried deep in your lizard, prehistoric brain. Its function is to work so fast that you can get out of danger in a split second, without the need for consideration first. 

As a consequence, the subconscious bases its decisions on emotional energy, giving it a much quicker response time and a much higher success rate. The downside of this is that stored emotional trauma, or other emotional resistance, will continue to dictate its programming – unbeknownst to your conscious self!

With that in mind though, you can practice the positive emotional payoff of the outcome that you are seeking over and over again, until the subconscious not only stops hindering you – it actively looks for ways to bring it about for you!

To recap:

  • Unlock the ‘gate’ of infinite possibility in your mind.
  • Get out of the way and leave it unlocked.
  • Witness what starts to happen for you that you previously thought was impossible. 
  • Allow this to begin supporting your new beliefs around what is possible for you. 
  • Decide on your goals and know what they look like in detail.
  • Regularly rehearse your dream life in detail on a mental level, and focus on the feelings it produces.

Do this, and I promise you’ll start to notice a shift right away. Keep it up, and there’s no telling what can happen for you!