Anyone in the practical world who has spent even a year will agree that this is not how life should be lived. The whole nature of life requires individuals to test themselves to drive themselves over the edge only to see if they can fly, which is life’s real sense. If you plunge into a scenario where the endpoint or the conclusion is uncertain and cannot even be predicted based on the present conditions, it suggests that you are taking a chance. These are not deep core choices, but mere decisions that people have to make because in the future they face a greater possibility. If one has a secure career, it should not be said that they can still stay working and have full job protection. For many entities, an insecure and unorthodox career may become a steady source of income. The whole thing boils down to one question: “Are you prepared to take the risk?” ”
Some individuals can still say that it has a lot to do with destiny and the chance to take a gamble and to make it result in a good outcome. While this may be true for different individuals, but in some situations, where the choice rests in another person and not in destiny, taking a bold gamble illustrates your self-confidence and it is a desirable but rare trait in humans.
Today we will talk about a guy who has started from nothing but because of his dedication and risk-taking ability, he is now an owner of a hookah brand- SHEESHA CLOUD.
A hookah is a water pipe that helps a person to smoke tobacco, often mixing sweet flavors such as apple, cocoa, coconut, licorices, or watermelon with it. People in ancient Persia and India used hookahs for millennia. People sometimes smoke hookah as a collective today, either at home or in cafes or lounges. Overall, hookah is in trend now.
Dennis Schwager is a German-born entrepreneur. He is building an empire of his own out of a tiny office. Thanks to his creative ideas and relating to hookah lovers worldwide through social media sites such as YouTube, IG, FB, etc., he is earning high.
This thriving businessman is very passionate, and he specializes in combining conventional and futuristic stuff down. With its spread, Hookah, especially among young people, has slowly grown in popularity outside its native area, and Shisha Cloud is now not restricted to one country.
he was interested in water pipes relatively early on and then started making videos about this subject on his YouTube channel called “Shisha Stabil”.
He dares to start a company after having positive reactions on multiple social media sites. He came from a modest background, but spending money in business wasn’t easy for him. He borrowed a €25,000 bank loan.
The creation of Shisha Cloud is due to its truthful and straightforward operating process for customer service. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms are posted every day. It’s all up to them to communicate with their buyers and realize what their product lacks. By answering each and every question, they have built a good fan base.
Shisha Cloud has reached new highs due to hard work and passion and has become a renowned brand. The growth of Dennis over the past five years has now doubled; he drives the most rewarding Audi RS6 for any hard-working entrepreneur.
The risk you are willing to take will give you a chance to discover not just your talents and potential, but also to live your dream once in a lifetime.