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The most peaceful state of human consciousness is to seek emptiness or void.

Most people often fail to realize the interpretation of this term “void”.
This state of consciousness can be easily achieved by practicing uniformity with other living organisms in every aspect. All the suffering will cease to exist as there would be no competition to lose or to win.

I frequently tune in to individuals saying “Life isn’t easy”. Be that as it may, life was in every case easy, we made it complex. The economy constantly kept us competitive. Out of competitiveness, the emotions diversified into greed, anger, hatred, and many more. There were all the more awful ones and less great ones.

In any case, I don’t think the economy needs such a large amount of criticism. This is because of the explanation if the economy didn’t exist, we would never be aware of the path to suffering.

We are moving towards the idea of making life easy for humanity. In any case, one should realize that we are exclusively attempting to make it simple in the physical part of living. We neglect to comprehend that the harmony of life ought to be lived in mental ease. The emotions need to be simplified.

As Buddha said in one of their sayings (Quotes)

Buddha Quotes
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“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of harming another; you end up getting burned.”

This is valid for all the feelings that have the intent to harm or reflect hatred for other living organisms. The feeling needs to cross your condition of thoughts before it could harm anyone.

Having said so, one should always remember what you intend to reflect was once the part of your thought and what you reflect, will always be a part of your thought.

Now the question arises “How to live in the economy with mental ease”.

As we said life was in every case easy, we made it complex however this is most likely the inverse. It might be exceptionally overwhelming to live in the economy effortlessly yet we can doubtlessly attempt it to a degree.

There are a few emotions that should be directed, to carry on with an almost prosperous life. There is a great need to refine your thoughts. Save a spot for a noble cause in your life.

That doesn’t mean, to do it to feel better. It genuinely intends to perceive equality by giving the excess worth you procure inside the economy. Try not to live for your wants.

Attempt to have your influence in the economy morally. Try not to attempt to obtain riches with wrong methods. You may never get an opportunity again to comprehend life as you do today.

It may be possible your understanding of life and thoughts, you may not seek it again as you do today. In the event that these considerations ever captivate you, it could be likely, it is the only right time to nurture them.