When a person sees a butterfly, they often stop to admire the beauty of this amazing creature. Imagine starting as a caterpillar and transforming into a majestic creature such as this. In fact, men and women often view a butterfly as a messenger from the beyond and a symbol of change. It’s easy to understand why this is the case, as the butterfly changes more than almost any other animal in its lifespan. This animal fights its way out of its shell to soar as a spectacular animal, one that people love to encounter and admire. People who are undergoing a change in their own lives might wish to purchase jewelry with butterflies as the predominant feature to remind them they can make it through difficult times and come out better on the other side. The jewelry serves as a great reminder that they can and will survive even during difficult times.

The Symbolism

People might find they struggle to overcome challenges in their lives and move beyond the barriers that hold them back. They discover they cannot continue on the same path and must make changes just as the butterfly does when transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly. With the butterfly pieces available at adinasjewels.com, they have a constant reminder that they can do this and succeed. They simply cannot give up but must accept the changes they are going through so they can survive and thrive.

However, the jewelry often serves as a reminder to people to evaluate their lives and determine if changes need to be made and whether they should take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Every person must undergo changes in their lives, whether it be leaving an unhappy marriage or changing jobs to improve their future advancement opportunities. For this reason, men and women must accept the process of metamorphosis. Doing so becomes easier when they can see the butterfly as a symbol of faith that these changes will improve their lives. The butterfly symbolizes this new life waiting for the individual and encourages them to let go of the old and bring in the new.

Religious Meanings

The butterfly also has religious meanings in some cultures. For instance, Christians see the buttery as the soul trapped within the body awaiting a new life. It must be freed to obtain this new life. Every person during their journey through life encounters twists and turns they didn’t foresee. Each twist and turn causes them to make a decision that will alter the future course of their life. Although each person encounters different obstacles, they all share one thing in common. Their response to these challenges changes them. The butterfly symbolizes this new beginning.

The butterfly goes through developmental stages and Christians see these stages as a personification of life, death, and resurrection. For this reason, artists would at times show the infant Christ with a butterfly in his hand. In paintings that show life in paradise, artists would often paint a soul with wings that the Creator would then place in Adam’s body.

The Great Goddess

Many cultures see the butterfly as a symbol of the Great Mother, Great Goddess, or Magna Mater. This symbolism dates back to the Paleolithic era during a time when this supreme deity personifies heaven and earth along with life and death. Ancient men and women believed a witch could become a butterfly. Furthermore, they lived under the assumption butterflies played a role in conception while foreshadowing war. According to their culture, butterflies were the souls of the dead.

Other Cultures

Certain cultures see the butterfly as a symbol of the transient nature of joy. For example, the Chinese believe this creature symbolizes joy, summer, abundant leisure, and immortality. When depicted with a plum, the butterfly stands as a symbol of beauty and longevity. In contrast, when a butterfly is paired with a chrysanthemum, it serves as a symbol of old, and when depicted with a feather, the butterfly symbolizes longevity.

The Japanese see the butterfly as a symbol of young women, and when butterflies are seen fluttering around each other, they are viewed as a representation of family happiness. In this culture, a white butterfly stands as the spirit of someone who is no longer on the earth.

Ancient Mexicans associated the butterfly with the god of vegetation, love, and spring or the Prince of Flowers of Xochipilla. Furthermore, they believed a butterfly represented the sun as well as the waving fire. However, they didn’t stop here. They also felt it symbolized the souls of those women who had died while giving birth. Today, monarch butterflies migrate to a small town in Mexico every year around the time the culture celebrates the Day of the Dead.

The Greeks, during ancient times, viewed the butterfly as a representation of the soul’s immortality. Psyche was depicted as a girl with butterfly wings, as her name means soul. Psyche remains well known as the human lover of Eros, the Greek God of Love.

Slavs often connect the butterfly with the human soul. They see this winged creature as a harbinger of death or the soul of someone who is deceased. According to their culture, the butterfly visits their birth home forty days after they pass away. At times, the Slavs view the butterfly as an image of death.

With so many meanings connected to this wondrous creature, it’s no wonder jewelers often choose to create pieces that show its majesty. Women find they can choose from a range of pieces, including earrings, bracelets, rings, and chokers. Today, individuals view the butterfly as a sign of happiness and beauty. However, they also represent the transformation people go through during their lives. Many people believe a visit from a butterfly is a visit from a loved one who has gone on to a better place. Imagine having this person with you at all times. With the help of butterfly jewelry, you can. Explore the many items available today that depict butterflies, as one is sure to be right for you.