This lockdown period is the perfect time for reflection. Here are some simple reminders to help us navigate and sail through life:

? Acceptance leads to adaptability

The first step towards acceptance is to recognize the present moment. When we accept the situation and ask ourselves, “what best can be done in this moment?”, we naturally adapt to it. Whatever we put our attention on, grows. So, water seeds of positivity and acceptance and this in turn will make us more resilient.

? Simplicity brings contentment

Our needs are much lesser than what we think and the simplest of things are enough to be content. To be able to experience the simple joys in life through our senses is a gift. Be it the taste of a home-cooked meal, the touch of a pet, the sight or smell of a beautiful flower or the sound of pouring rain. However, our mind often gets caught in external situations, making us lose our centeredness. Use this gift wisely. The more content we feel, the more reasons we will have to be grateful for.

? True happiness lies within 

People, places and situations are like marshmallows in a cup of hot chocolate. They add flavor to our lives. However, we often anchor our happiness to them. True happiness lies in our own cup when we can be truly content from within and a key ingredient to a joyful cup is to feel grateful for our very being. Instead of seeking happiness from the outside, we can create it from our own space by doing that which brings us joy. 

? Go inwards

Have you wondered about the positive energy, peace, happiness and clarity of thought you could receive just by going inwards and quietening the mind? What brings me back to my center and helps maintain this feeling from within is meditation. Meditation is that life jacket for me, helping me maintain my equanimity, find calm in the chaos and protects me from the storms. Focusing on the breath for a few minutes each day and making it a part of my daily practice has helped bring a shift in my life.

? Faith is your strength

Like a bud keeps growing, knowing that it will blossom into a beautiful flower, faith is that deep sense of knowing that guides us in our journey of blossoming. Do your best in the given situation and have comfort in knowing that we are all in this together.