Dipraj aka Dipraj Jadhav Edits is known to create hilarious mashup videos which leave the audiences in splits.

Dipraj says the few months that turned the world upside down have made us look back and review all that we have done for centuries. The coronavirus pandemic has certainly taught us about many aspects of our lives, of which we may think differently now. It has at least shown us what we, humankind, have been doing all these years.  Initially, the COVID-19 lockdown felt like torture, but now in retrospect, it feels more like a teacher that has taught us some invaluable life lessons.

Yes, life before corona virus was full of choices and most of us believed in compulsive hoarding, but the last few months made us realize how perfect life can be even without those choices and that happiness doesn’t lie in possessing material things. Lockdown has been like hitting the pause button to reevaluate life and reprioritizing what really matters to us.

People have been saying this since fairly early on into the saga, but it was hard to wrap one’s brain around—it was much more comforting to imagine that we’d spring right back to it after a month or two. But as “stay-at-home” orders extend, it’s easier to see that things have changed, some irreversibly, and for better and for worse. Covid-19 and I: everyone should reflect on this during these times. This is necessary because it will define how we will be in the new world dawning on us sooner than later.

I have learnt two lessons, which will set my ethos of how I am tomorrow. The virus has proven to be a teacher. It has taught me that we need to think of others more than ourselves. The most important thing COVID-19 has taught me: life is today. With all our privileges, our issues, our plans, our positivity, our fears, our opportunities, our failures, our dreams, our demons, our happiness, our heartbreaks, as we make and remake ourselves every day of our lives, what is never in our control: life. Keeping social distance, I thank the cop on my street for doing his job, made more dangerous by COVID-19. I clap for the hospital workers, for the supermarket cashiers, and all the formerly invisible people on whom I now realize I depend.

And they depend on me. Do I come through for them? Most of the people who are keeping all the supply chains going need to work and cannot afford to stay-at-home. Even before the epidemic, they worried about health care expenses, rent or mortgage payments, college debt, putting food on the table. All these matters have now become more burdensome as our economy tanks says Dipraj.

Let’s take a look at the lessons it has taught us

Learning to be content alone:

Staying alone is scary and exhausting. Social distancing, even though difficult, teaches us a lot about ourselves. You think of different things to keep yourself busy. All you have is your body and your mind. You have to not only live with it but also love it.


We have learnt to be optimistic in a negative situation. What is one thing that is good or positive during this pandemic? I get to spend lots of time with my family. I cherish each and every moment with them. Keep yourself surrounded with positive people who will lift your spirit up in moments of weakness.

Count your blessings more often

Probably one of the most important lessons has been to count your blessings. When most of us were upset we could not find our favorite fruit in the market, the daily wage worker was struggling to make ends meet. While you were feeling aimless sitting at home, think of those who live in toxic homes. If you have a roof above your head and a well-stocked kitchen, you are blessed. And you must remind yourself of that every day. While you had the privilege to work from home, others risked their lives to make your work from home easier.