Early in his life, Rex Afrasiabi was fortunate to fully realize his purpose in life: to help people and learn and continually grow. He first worked as a general manager for an international fashion company. 

Although the role was challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable, it didn’t complement his purpose, cause, and beliefs that serve as his motivation. This led him to start his law firm, M A Legal, over a decade ago. 

“The practice of law, for me, is perfect to satisfy my whys. I am entrusted by my clients each day and I help them in business and life,” Rex said. 

Realizing The Importance Of R&R 

Now that Rex is running M A Legal, it’s not unusual for him to work long days and weeks. Such an attitude can lead to stress and burnout. Even Rex struggled with finding a work-life balance when he was starting.  

But despite being a principal and the founder of M A Legal, he firmly believes that all work and no play won’t do any good for anyone. 

“It is very important to look after yourself and take the time you need to rest and relax. To function at your best, you need to be feeling your best,” he said. 

Rex names elite sporting teams as an example of how overdoing can do more harm than good. He explains that these teams allow their elite players to rest and how maintaining a proper diet and training can ensure that they perform at their optimal level. 

“We should all try and operate at this level,” he encourages. 

Finding Inspiration From His Life 

“I believe there is no greater inspiration than our life journey and what we have been through,” Rex said. 

Before Rex achieved the position he has today, he grew up in a war-torn country where bombings occurred at night. He later migrated to Australia even though he didn’t know how to speak English. 

Rex had to go through a lot more such as dealing with his parent’s divorce and a mischievous part in his life where he ended up going to three different high schools. 

Yet despite all these challenges, Rex knew he had a purpose in life and he wasn’t going to let anything stop him from doing what he’s meant to do. 

“Focus on your passion, learn and become the best at what you are. Do the right thing and never compromise your morals or reputation. By being one of the best and credible in your chosen field, profits will follow,” he said. 

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