Some steps are provided to guide people on how to find your life purpose,set goals and define your passion. A lot of people hire me to coach them on how to scale, start and grow their online business to get to that 20,000, 30,000 or 50,000 per month income level and even more. The meaningful side of a grateful heart that discovers life with a bigger purpose to write. One of the questions we get all the time that people ask me now, is how do I find my life purpose?

How to Find Your Life Purpose?

The question is, How do I do that? How will I find the purpose of my life? How will the universe help me find meaning and joy in my actions? because there’s so much conflicting advice out there and I really want to know why I’m here on earth. There are plenty of reasons for success, there is no smooth journey, but at the end of the day, the love from the people will bring us joy and strength to go forward. The journey with my passions brought me to success, the suffering and fears brought me to achieve my goal. Many years ago when I was 25 years old I decided to commit suicide because of this reasons: 

  • I didn’t know why I was here on earth
  • I didn’t have a purpose
  • I didn’t know my purpose 

The hours I spend thinking about how my life matters, finding the purpose and the meaning of living, I start to step on the journey that would change my life. Thinking that life is a game, you can play it easily or live life to the fullest. It took a moment of suffering, I didn’t understand or discover my life purpose till I was 30 years old. The day I embrace my identity and learn to live positive, the quicker I change my path to reach my destination. When I had two epiphanies that changed my life in 1997, when I discovered Afformations® and when I also discovered success anorexia. The point is it took me a long time to discover my life purpose, but it doesn’t have to take you so long, all you have to do is take a moment to learn my 3D method.

3D Method to Discover Your Life Purpose

1. Discover What You’re Great At

From the time that I was a little kid, I always loved writing and I love reading books, unlike any other kids. My passions helped me to write a bigger impact to people, the action I create to have a meaningful life and story to tell. The true meaning of happiness and joy that I sense while reading a book was awesome and according to my mother who is a teacher, as a former teacher retired, she said that I was reading books for fun before the age of two. 

I would read books

I love books 

I love going to bookstores

I love going to libraries

I spend my childhood in the library

I went and I read a lot of science fiction books by people like Isaac Asimov and Robert A. Heinlein and Anne McCaffrey and all the science and fantasy novels because I wanted to escape from the real world that I was in. When your heart is lost, looking for missing existence is the way to go. Maybe you have something like that that you’ve always loved, I used to dream that maybe someday I’d be an author and I said that’s probably not going to happen I mean, the statement like Who’s going to listen to me?, Why would anyone listen to me?.

Years later I’m the published author of 15 books including Power Habits, Get Rid of Your Head Trash About Money, The Book of Afformations® published by Hay house, The Secret Code of Success published by HarperCollins, Permission to Succeed published by the Chicken Soup for the Soul publisher.

I am the only author in history to have works published by Hay House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Mine Valley, Nightingale-Conant, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul Publisher. No one else has ever done that before in history, the point is that’s something that I always love and I’m passionate about. Expressing passionate writing skills and discovering bravery has told me that chances happen when you lessen pressures.

What does that mean?

What is something that you love to do? What would make your heart enjoy? What matters to your life? How will you impact the universe? Ask yourself some of this questions:

Do you love writing?

Do you love speaking?

Do you love singing?

Do you love painting?

Do you love golf? 

Do you love pottery?

Do you love helping people create a difference? 
Whatever that is, determine what you love and what you are really passionate about. Whether it’s talent, skills and strengths, offer it with the community and bigger chances may manifest. Living life’s true meaning of success and difference, a path of process finding the journey to success.

2. Discover Uniqueness

Offer your uniqueness, determine your unique offer. If you have reasons to positively impact a community through your actions, then do so. When I discovered success anorexia back in 1997, I realized that I had to help people with that problem because no one ever talked about it before, no one even knew what it was. The goal is to identify the unique talents a person could enjoy, bringing them with a meaningful life.

I wrote a book called Permission to Succeed and then I wrote a book called The Secret Code of Success published by HarperCollins and all these books, the point is I knew that I had to come up with something to help people with this very specific problem. If you look at being an entrepreneur, being an entrepreneur is really all about solving problems, it’s about being a problem solver, but when you’re solving people’s problems, you have to package yourself up in order for people to hire and pay you. Many years ago when I started teaching, I would just coach people for free because I just love coaching and I love helping people. The gratitude I felt towards the community was my happiness, living life with a meaning and values.

What I realized is that it’s great that I’m feeling good but right now my bank account wasn’t looking so good. The goal was to feel passionate with my career while marketing my talents and skills. The point is, I realized that I’ve got to put this package together, I’ve got to put different packages together and change my business plans while spreading happiness and joy to the people.

Why Put Different Packages Together?

  1. Help people
  2. Make some money while I’m at it

You’re not only marketing your talents and skills, you’re also making a difference to your dreams. Now my coaching clients and I have added over 2.7 billion dollars as a result of following my methods. You’ve got to determine your unique offer, what is it that makes you unique that people will pay for? Take a moment and vision yourself in a career you enjoy.

3. Define Your Growth Strategy

What is your growth strategy? How are you going to reach the people who are waiting to hear your solution to their problem? Do not fear the process of growth, finding meaningful strategies and creating strategies for growth.

With my high level coaching clients, my elite inner circle clients, we work on something called the Authority Cycle. The Authority Cycle is five stages where we start with:

  1. Mindset 
  2. Habits
  3. Offers
  4. Funnels
  5. Traffic

When we have those five stages, the Authority Cycle happens in order we have a sequence and a step-by-step system for both of them. The formula for a good strategy is given, it is your job to decide and identify the things to discover to be able to vision success. Having the right attitude, thinking and values may lead us to our personal success, and in no time, we’ll reach the dream destination our heart truly desires.

That’s really how to find your life purpose and not just how to find your life purpose but also how to get paid for doing what you love which is basically like going to heaven without the inconvenience of dying. When life gives you games, play it. When you have questions, find answers. Do meaningful activities and the chance to step out and create your future.


  • Noah St. John

    Author of 15 books including AFFORMATIONS® and Power Habits®

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