Going through a breakup is never easy. 

The website Dating.com reported that 67% of respondents to their survey had gone through a breakup within the past year. 

Digital communication can be a convenient way to connect during the day in small ways. Sometimes it can help people share needs, concerns and apologize more easily than communicating in person.

Life-Sauce Founder Dr. Wise believes there needs to be a balance between convenience and personal communication and expression. 

“Laziness has taken over romance a bit which essentially robs everyone involved,” Dr. Wise said. “People may feel more at ease using technology for self-expression, but partners need to give one another attention in person and particularly in a personal space. That human connection is something that is irreplaceable.” 

Although Dr. Wise realizes that technology plays an enormous role in dating, she warns that it’s not ideal to rely too heavily on them. She believes that in some instances people rely too heavily on apps for communication instead of taking extra steps to connect in-person. 

Dr. Wise recognized a need for online tools about five years ago. She has an online program “From Breakup to Breakout” on Life-Sauce.com designed by retired psychologist Dr. Christy Wise to help users “survive and thrive” after a relationship split. The program is based on five steps designed to help heal, let go, repair, define goals and finally to take action and explore new possibilities.

“At the time I saw that there was a big demand for this new trend of online personal development,” she said. “It didn’t take long for me to recognize it’s an effective way to work with people, and ultimately will have an incredibly positive impact on their lives.”

Dr. Wise started Life-Sauce soon after closing her clinical practice. Over the previous thirty years she has been a certified child custody evaluator, mediator and reunification therapist, and previously helped to evaluate families in child custody situations. 

She formed bonds with some of these families as they were on the verge of breaking apart, so when some of them remarried they came into her office for help with their current relationship. 

“I suppose you could say that my specialty of couples and relationships found me,” Dr. Wise said.

She has a passion to help others and believes the value of her work has helped in her success. 

“I’m driven by my love for the human spirit and helping others build rich and full lives,” she said. 

Compassion has helped her to guide others and is something she tries to teach others to use in their own personal journey. 

“Compassion is what allows us to embrace our own imperfections,” she said. “It’s what helps us stop making these irrational demands on both ourselves and those around us.”