still a frame from ‘Self’ Activity.

In life ‘Self’ is the key to live your life fully. Today, we are living in such an age where everything is so fascinated and changed mind accordingly.

So, here is my Question “Who drives you?” I believe that in ‘Self’ and If we are the driver of our own ‘self’ then we can go with the ‘Self’ journey where we can learn everything about life and also If we have clarity in life then it will lead to a prosperous and happy life.

In today’s age, If we see the things our surroundings in our life then you will see our all-day activities is ‘you’.

In fact, it does not even impact the ‘you’ but it’s changing the driver of ‘You’ that simply means for now you are not your own driver of self.

More specifically we can understand with a real-world example consider you have free time which you can better utilize with the most important thing which only can happen once you are own driver of the ‘Self’. but If you are habitual and you are doing again the same mistakes then nothing has gone to change. consider an example where you are watching, reading, eating, sleeping unconsciously like if you are using social sites unconsciously then you are eating food at mind level which comes from the undesired source and that leads the mind that simply means that leads ‘you’.

But ‘Self’ is in life is the key to explore the whole world ‘within’ you. we can check everything in our life and can check each and every state at the mind level like the watcher a ‘Self’ conscious state which is within us by which we can watch our activities like Camera recording.

how to live life fully?

In life, If we are exploring the things which are our ‘calling’ which urge you and what the things you love and if you are giving your precious time, efforts, action to accomplish the things which are your ‘calling’. and Each and every action of ‘Self’ will conscious and If we are conscious then it leads the ‘live the life fully’.

how can one pursue anything in life?

One of my favorite statements would like to share with you regarding this.

If you love to fly kites, then fly kites with all your energy and love, do not bother what will happen next, money will come on its own, but then you should attain near perfection in flying kites, give yourself to it.’

-Richard Branson (CEO of Virgin brand)

How can I change myself according to my ‘calling’ at the present moment which I can’t afford to stop doing?

As all, we have a distraction today to go in a direction which is your ‘calling’ and you can’t afford to stop doing it.

If you will see the things actually you are doing like If you know the ‘Self’ way then if you are not doing what is need to do at the same time when you are doing anything else and postponed the most important thing which is related to your ‘calling’ because of mind conditioning then nothing gone will be change.

If you are really passionate about the things which are always your ‘calling’ then first you need some free room for yourself to make your ‘Self’ driven program by which you can able to break the barrier of your preconditioning mind.

Once you are able to break the hurdle which comes at the mind level then you almost win the half battle and remaining is your efforts, action and time to invest for yourself.

Then this is a moment to change yourself according to your ‘calling’ at the present moment which you can’t afford to stop doing.

Hope you love this! 🙂