In this very moment, each and every one of us are only able to perceive reality around us in a way that aligns with our current belief systems.

This is why you’ll never get a Democrat and a Republican to agree on political parties, each individual sees a totally different perspective of the same “objective” reality. Thus, our belief systems quite literally dictate our reality- for better or for worse.

The first 7-12 years of our life leave a profound impact on the person we eventually become as adults, far more than most of us realize. If we do not take the time to revisit and reframe these experiences and how they have shaped our deepest beliefs about life- we can end up living with fixed, negative mindsets. And, even if you don’t have an all-around negative mindset, according to the National Science Foundation, the average person has 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, with 80% of those thoughts being rooted in negativity. 

When we have programs running beneath our conscious awareness that expect misfortune and unhappiness, achieving the goals and dreams we want for ourselves becomes increasingly difficult, says personal transformation coach and mentor, Jeremy Griffin. 

“People live with these self-sabotaging patterns they don’t even realize are massively impacting their lives and their potential,” said Griffin. “When we are being run by limiting beliefs, we are quite literally unable to act in any way other than in accordance with those negative beliefs. I strongly believe a person needs to work on re-aligning themselves by releasing a number of past traumas that have come to shape their worldview if they are to create a better life for themselves.”

Personal Transformation Starts with You

Jeremy is an influential mentor in the personal transformation space, pushing an “out of the box” mentality and holistic way of thinking with all of his clients. He looks at the mind, body, and soul in his transformational work, helping everyone from CEOs to entrepreneurs grow their businesses in a conscious manner. In order to reach peak potential, Jeremy shows his clients how their preconceived notions and opinions are limiting their potential. 

“Sometimes, we need a third-party perspective to come in and help us see ourselves for who we really are – not for who we think we are,” said Jeremy. “I have worked with CEO’s, personal trainers, online coaches, yoga teachers, clinical therapists, corporate executives, and more to help them build an aligned lifestyle and business. No matter the person or the circumstance, it always starts with the subconscious.”

The Subconscious Driver

Considering that 95% of what we think, feel, and speak during the day comes from our deepest subconscious beliefs, Jeremy dives deep into the soul to expose traumas, experiences, and life events that are causing us to think a certain way. By readdressing these life events in a safe space and with the right tools, we are able to process them, feel them, and most importantly, let them go.

Passionate about providing actual help that has profound, tangible results for his clients, Jeremy was tired of the mentorship programs, coaches, and “gurus” that were failing to go to the root problem of people’s suffering- the subconscious mind. Seeing it as merely a “Band-Aid fix,” Jeremy wanted to help people with a long-term solution that truly laid the foundation for real, lasting success.