Culture is not limited to the workplace but also our homeplace

Culture exists in both the workplace and the homeplace!

Culture is a bit of a buzz word, and it simply means the shared values, ideas and social behaviours of a community. Often applied to the workplace I reckon we need to consider what I call our “homeplace culture” too.

In the workplace, culture stems from the people, as it does at home, and with so much change happening in our lives and selves at present, now is the optimal time to review and reset culture.

Both a high performance and happy work culture can be replicated at home. Obviously different people are involved but the principals are the same.

Culture is the name for what people are interested in, their thoughts, their models, the books they read and the speeches they hear. – Walter Lippmann.

Whether in the workplace as a team or at home with your loved ones, house buddies or friends, take a step back to reset and realign the culture.

The 3 L’s to reflect on :

  1. LET IN new ways of working and thinking
  2. LET GO of what no longer serves you and those around you
  3. LET BE what is working and can continue

Take some time to review and realign:

The model demonstrates the review and realignment of culture in the workplace or homeplace.


  • Why are we here?
  • What gets us out of bed in the morning?


  • What is important to us individually and as a team?
  • How are we living these values?


  • What beliefs are serving us and limiting us?
  • What do we need to believe in?


  • What behaviours and ways of being are working?
  • What needs to change or be done differently?


  • What is the thinking of each other?
  • What motivates us and lights us up?

Lead to be limitless…