by Tori Stetson, Author of Lipstick Lawyerisms of a Work-At-Home Mom

We live in a world of uncertainty. I, for one, never imagined living in a world where I could drive down the road and come across a scrolling sign adorned with the words: “VIRUS WARNING. STAY IN YOUR HOME WHEN POSSIBLE.” A pandemic and a divided world have tested our strength—repetitively. And just when we think we are in the clear, we are again reminded that this is going to be an endurance race.

And what a perfect time to announce the launch of Lipstick Lawyerisms of a Work-at-Home Mom. Informative, insightful, and often humorous, Lipstick Lawyerisms of a Work-at-Home Mom dives deeply into women’s issues. It is a thought-provoking symphony of history and personal anecdotes that examines the agonizing question so many mothers face today: Do I stay at home with my children and risk abandoning my career, or do I work outside the home and risk losing quality time with my kids?

It is a book not only for moms, but for future moms, not only for lawyers, but for professionals and prospective professionals. It is meant to speak to independents, innovators, entrepreneurs, and alchemists who transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Perhaps we, as women, should be looking beyond the massive hardships this pandemic has created. Perhaps we should be utilizing the changing world to mobilize, join forces, and prevail. The rapid systematic changes in access to remote working, technology, and the corporate climate at large have provided a tremendous opportunity for us: an opportunity we must take ahold of and utilize to our advantage.

“We should be rallying to compete against men, not just women—especially in the job arena.  Channeling our fierce competitiveness and maternal instincts and using these passions to fuel and propel ourselves forward out of the realm of reproduction would be a powerful thing.  Imagine women working together in unity for the greater good of one another.  We would be unstoppable.”

– Tori Stetson, Lipstick Lawyerisms of a Work-at-Home Mom

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