Lisa Anderson is an environmentalist, animal rights activist, and entrepreneur driven by the desire to clean up the oceans and make the waters habitable. She is the founder and team lead at Ocean Project, an initiative that looks to save the lives of marine animals after realizing that thousands of marine life are being killed every day, not only because of plastics but also because they are killed as by-catch from the commercial fishing industries. 

The oceans are responsible for 70% of the world’s oxygen, and without the ocean, nothing would probably exist. And seeing how important the ocean is, the Ocean Project was birthed. The team only realized the size of the work before them after they did some more digging and found out that the issue was a massive one. 

The goal of the Ocean Project is to grow a community around the ocean to help spread awareness in the fastest way possible. The Ocean Project team on its website has built a tracking system that allows our customers to stay involved in the mission to make communication seamless. “Our customers get to virtually track their animal of purchase to check back daily and see where their animal is in the ocean. Our end goal is to spread our mission, clean our oceans, and save marine life so that we can create a brighter future for us all.” Lisa explains. 

Describing the idea that stands Ocean Project apart from other companies who are on the same mission, Lisa said, “Our company is unique in that every purchase through our company helps save the ocean and marine life that live in it. We donate to multiple organizations around the world that are making a difference to clean our oceans and help save marine life.” She pointed out that every piece of jewelry purchased tracks an animal, enabling customers to follow them on an unforgettable journey around the ocean. This helps customers stay involved with the company’s mission of saving the oceans and the marine life living in them. “Our jewelry does more than looking beautiful; it is meaningful and represents a commitment to living a life that is more sustainable and ocean-friendly. Our jewelry also starts conversations with friends and family that creates the opportunity to spread awareness and educate others about the importance of saving marine life and cleaning our oceans.” 

As the Ocean Project continues to grow, the mission would like to keep growing a community of people committed to saving the oceans. In five years, Lisa hopes to see the business of Ocean Project being able to donate over six figures from their customers, which would go a long way in cleaning up the oceans. “I see the goal of our company to grow so we can go on mission trips once a year, starting next year, going around the ocean and cleaning where we can. Our goal is to grow our community so we can share that mission trip with them and ultimately spread awareness of our mission. Ocean Project can help the world; without marine life, humans cannot live,” she concludes.

Learn more about the Ocean Project mission and future plans by visiting their website.