Lital Mintz is the go to entrepreneur whose business endeavours and personality fully aligns with the female empowerment movement. In a world where diversity and gender equality is more needed than ever, it is entrepreneurs like Lital who are desperately needed as role models in the industry.

Lital is a network marketing professional, who started her Health and Wellness business in 2009, teaching people that when you combine an online business with incredible products the possibilities are limitless. She focuses on paying it forward and believes that the key to success happens, when you stop making it about you and start focusing on how your business can also benefit others.

She is also the co-founder of @wearelitalandcarla , which is a Branding Business Solutions (BBS) program, which is the Go To online program for mothers and women over 40. These individuals usually feel frustrated with social media and are looking to gain the confidence to step out of their comfort zone. Lital runs a coveted, 3-month program with her business partner, Carla Lupo and they have a plethora of clients who have gone on to great success. Please check it out here

By the time she set up her Network Marketing business at the age of 29, Lital already had 3 young children. Lital was working in a corporate office job and was craving for a change. She found that her biggest challenge growing the business was that she was shy and introverted. Lital was often so afraid of other people’s opinions and perception of her, that it inhibited her ability to successfully grow and develop. She gradually managed to overcome this blocker and has grown from strength to strength in her sector.

Whereas the global pandemic has slowed down many entrepreneurs and successful businesses, it has given Lital the vital time and capacity to strategise further. This month, she will be launching a,” 5 Day Social Media Kickstarter Challenge”, which will be the ultimate guide to showing your authentic self via various social media platforms.

What is unique about the offering is that clients get access to two successful mentors, Carla and Lital. Lital expresses that, “we have two different, seperate personalities with different strengths and weaknesses.” She discussed how Carla is an extrovert personality and Lital is more inclined to be introverted. However, with their strong knowledge and background, it is easy to see why they are referred to as the dynamic duo. Clients love their contagious energy and ability to drive forward a community of strong females.

Lital’s social media presence is strong and engaging, here readers can keep up to date with the businesses progress and use her knowledge sharing as a source of inspiration. Upon visiting her profile, you feel a sense of positivity and motivation to take control over your own destiny. We particularly like the inspirational quotes which are abundant. “Get out of your own way and start writing your own story” is one that I particularly hurry to write down.

With a hopefully brighter 2021 underway and individuals having a renewed focus on self-worth, it is easy to see why Lital Mintz is at the forefront of this wonderful movement.

You can follow her progress via @Litalmintz on Instagram.