Sometimes a job can seem so big that it is impossible to see how to achieve its completion. Nature seems to be degrading and the planet suffering every day. Species are going extinct and disasters are striking with increasing frequency and severity. It might not seem obvious what can be done about this, but something must be done. The job is not too big to do, though it may not seem like people care enough. I, Cory Harow, enjoy teaching my kids how to protect the environment. They only need to do a little. Individuals can fix the environment themselves by behaving as citizens of the world through eco-friendly behavior at home, by taking a one time look at how their car affects the environment, and by supporting businesses that help the environment by buying their products.
Fixing the planet starts at home with the things individual people do around the house. Turning off electronics and lights can make a big difference to both an electric bill and for how green a household is. A little consciousness with recycling will have the same impact. Students majoring in politics get taught that enacting global change begins with what they are doing individually at home. Some people already recycle, and some people never will, but the difference in the direction of the world will be in what the individual here today chooses to do. Individuals working to heal the Earth at home can happen, because no one is alone in thinking nature needs saving.

Making car use eco-friendly is not an exhausting thing. It is a one-time thing. Before buying a car, take a moment and get its fuel economy into the purchase analysis. Doing so will both save money and help save the world. Additionally, before selecting the type of gasoline that a car uses, look at if corn-based fuel is available nearby. This gas will make even a gas guzzling vehicle better for the Earth. It is not hard to make sound choices for the plants and animals a car can damage.
Some businesses take a stand for more than just their product. They devote time and resources into fighting for a good cause. Buying a product comes with a little research and including ecological issues into this research is going above and beyond to help. These businesses make such a big impact and demonstrate that people can work together to make this issue disappear. Supporting one by buying their product will go a long way to making the planet safe from ecological disaster. Vote with a dollar and keep these firms doing good for the world.
Fixing what is wrong with the Earth might seem like a task too big to tackle alone, but everyone is thinking that exact thought. Species of plants and animals will stop going extinct and the planet will stop its warming if individuals all take small action to help. Fixing the Earth can be a simple as taking conscious steps at home, with a car, and by voting with a dollar and buying eco-conscious products. The world needs saving by a superhero, in bits and pieces by everyone.

All the best,

Cory Harow