God, that title! When I wrote it and read it back to myself I laughed. “That sounds like a load of horse shit!” 

HAHA!! Interesting. Perhaps you feel that too. And there is lies the precise theme of this little blog ditty I’m sharing.

The title. It’s perfect. I kept it as is. I hope it triggered you.

First, give yourself permission to spend a little time with this. It will radically shift your relationship with yourself for the better. You get to show up for yourself and honor how sacred and beautiful your body is. It starts now. The first step toward your FREEDOM.

So let me get right to the root of this. Watch this TRAINING and then go to the guide below. 
Time to call out the lie. The lie is that you think you know what is best for your body. The key word there is “think”. 

The truth is that your ego does not actually know what is best for your body. That is not it’s job. It’s job is to protect you from harm. It’s your body’s job to let you know (your mind that is) in harmony with your soul what it needs to eat, when to eat, when to move and how. 

When you override your ego, who is chattering your very thoughts trying to dictate what you should do. It’s all based on external rules. Yes. That means the diets, meal plans, what your neighbor is doing, the workout programs, the fitness classes…ALL of it. It all works and it all sucks. It really doesn’t matter if you are not aligned to it. Is this what your body actually wants? Needs? Requires in order to be the amazing vessel to hold your amazing soul?

This really gets to be so much fun. Learning to dance with your body. Getting curious and asking questions. Then you get to listen and receive answers! It’s so effortless from there. Those divine answers are YOUR truth. When you respond to your body’s needs in this easy way it builds trust. You trust yourself. That is all.
When you come from that place then having a rocking body of health IS your natural state. 

When you come from that place then it’s always always always in ALIGNMENT. 
The trust gets to grow stronger. The bond becomes tighter. So it becomes easier to hear your body. You step into true love of your lavish biology. Your cells open up their receptor sites to be directed in the way your soul wants knowing that it all feels so good. You are literally designing your body cell by cell to be exactly what you desire. You get to simply harvest the wisdom in your physiology and then use it for your greatest good and for all those around you!

Your game: Try these out for the next 3 days.
1-Take 5-10 minutes. Mark it on your calendar as a non-negotiable. 
Reserve this time for a self check in. Set the following intention:
“I give my body full reign. I surrender all my thoughts to her. I trust that she will give me clear signs of what feels good for my soul.”
Breathe. Open yourself up to receiving the divine messages coming through your body as to what she requires to feel freaking fantastic.

2-Start your morning with the following question: “What do you crave today?” See above step. Then write down what comes through. You now have a workout and fuel plan. Then reserve the right to change your mind.

3-Through out the day tune into what hunger actually feels like in your body. Is this an actual sensation giving you the signal to fuel up? 

4-Notice your associations. Ask yourself: “Is this my brain telling me what to do out of fear?” Where are the triggers? Time of day. Areas in your house or office. Activities. Smells. Past programming. Thoughts. Write them all down.

I have 5 more amazing little games to share. I’d love to customize this for you a bit with your unique energetic signature and physiology. Email me at [email protected] or send me a Facebook message if you would like details about setting up your own energy clearing session. I will assist you in answering any questions you have about it.