There is a difference between professional makeup artists and professional makeup artists who can also blog and create videos through.

Since makeup artists are acquiring a very prominent role in our society these days, and this field of industry was not recognised popularly in the previous times, people are gaining more and more confidence to contribute here. Liv has a dream, and in order to live up to them she began to make videos

“I would like to stress the importance of having a skin care routine, obviously one would expect that I only talk about applying make up and the techniques required to do so. But before that we must take care of our natural skin that is going to remain with this permanently for the rest of our lives even if the makeup wears off. My beauty channel is concentrated towards these both aspects, and as a professional beautician and makeup artist I can confirm and guarantee that these tips are surely going to change your life entirely, remember, it is all in the details and the small changes that you make in your life.” Says Liv.

Wondering how you can also change your life with the advice? Make sure to follow baby on the provided link below, she is a true inspiration. With a particularly true dream of settling down, and launching her own brand besides helping her kids to launch their brands as well, she wants to receive as much as she gives out. After all, united we stand and divided we fall!