There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy!

We all have a little pity party at times, and that’s ok! Its ok to not feel 100% but there has to be a time limit on it or life just starts to feel overwhelmingly sad, so put down the ice cream and think exactly what do I have to be grateful for today?

I woke this morning to a message off a kind and inspirational woman, just dropping by to say I was beautiful and she loved what I was doing business wise, what an amazing message to wake up to!

I woke this morning to a supportive business team around me, great connections and personally the best support system a girl could ever want.

I woke this morning feeling rested, happy and ready to smash out a busy day (if you are not yet familiar with my story this is a huge deal)

I woke this morning to my 3 babies sleeping soundly in a warm and comfortable home, 1 teen and 2 rescue felines, who brighten every day with crazy antics and loving hearts.

I woke this morning knowing my son will have a great day in education followed by the gym with his friends laughing then all back here for a regular group dinner where we all chat over life, love and general advice.

I woke this morning knowing I could provide for my little family of 4, that we are all happy, settled and know we are truly loved.

I woke this morning knowing I can get outside and enjoy and explore the world around me on my 2 feet over the weekend, favourite playlist in my ear.

I woke this morning………

Sometimes all we can be grateful for is waking that morning……it’s not a small or insignificant thing,

I woke this morning, I have been given another day to smile, love, laugh, breathe, enjoy and some little thing I may do today could have a positive impact on someone else’s life for years to come.

Always live with a kind and grateful heart, even if all you can find today to be grateful for is that you woke……

live life with a kind and grateful heart.