Resistance can be a great teacher. When you recognize its purpose, resistance and resiliency go hand in hand. Each time resistance approaches, an opportunity to gain new skills and fortify better habits opens. 

Imagine a baby bird learning to fly for the first time. It flaps its wings and feels the air resistance that allows it to hover above ground.  As the bird grows, its skill increases. Each time the bird flies from a branch it gains the courage to attempt a more daring approach. The bird also gets better at handling resistance, as though the wind and the bird are married in movement. What at one time looked like clumsiness is now graceful and in flow. 

The same is true in life.

You must be willing to feel resistance as progress, and not a hindrance. In doing so you will unlock its secrets. You’ll become aerodynamic, in-sync with the experiences that give shape and meaning to your life. This allows you to soar higher than ever before, and at the same time stay grounded in the reality of your co-created environment.

Like a bird flying thousands of miles, you will develop the efficiency, strength and resilience to go the distance, all the while maintaining poise and energy for the next leg of your journey.

Follow my 4 step process to live an aerodynamic life in flow and in harmony with resistance. 

#1 Take inventory of emotions, feelings and thoughts that weigh you down, or cause resistance to accumulate.

#2 Actively work to reduce and harmonize the resistance in your life. It will cause you to feel lighter and more productive with your time and energy.

#3 Develop foresight and intuition about possible storms or resistance in the future. 

#4 Give yourself time and space to rest, recover and rejuvenate energy for your next “flight.”