If there is one skill that I will pass on to the next, next generation–is that–how to be truly grateful. Every waking day is a struggle. We’ve been through hell yesterday. We just never know what every single person is dealing with. May it be a loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, loss of job or depression. It is understandable, because this is what we call life. But the fact that we are all, everyday given a chance to wake up once more and try to fix our lives, to let go of the hurt, to learn to sacrifice, to be able to have the guts to love again, to take risks, to taste failures, and to be ultimately grateful that we are alive–is just incredible. 

Be thankful of all those experiences that shaped you and made you–I’m sure it made you a better human being. You have withstand that test of times. You didn’t quit until the end. You made it through the everything. And guess what? This is never-ending. Just as the quest to live better in every aspect of life–physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. 

There is no other way but to rise to the top. To improve ourselves. To be the best versions of us. To be able to be of service to many. To make an impact to the life of another person. Or simply to believe once more. 

Everyday we try to get out of bed, eat the right kinds of foods, exercise and meditate for a while. Journal. Reflect. And ofcourse, pray. We battle it hard every single day. My ending message to you is to never give up, keep reaching for your dreams and live a life that is meaningful, purposeful, intentional and with a grateful heart.