“Health is wealth” is a popular saying that describes the importance of health. But In today’s fast-paced world, a lot of entrepreneurs are sacrificing their time and energy to reach their goals. This sometimes leads to extreme stress and burnout which has a lot of negative impact on their health and impedes their growth.

In this article, entrepreneur Taylor Ping, founder of Ann Access and Hierarchy Media, a brand that empowers women, entrepreneurs, and brands to embody their authenticity speaks on how entrepreneurs can live healthy while still achieving growth.

On Growth and Living Healthy: 

For most entrepreneurs, the end goal is to see their ideas come to fruition. And to achieve this, they’ll sacrifice their health and a host of other things. 

Taylor Ping, an entrepreneur who was born in Redwood City, California, and moved throughout Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, and Los Altos. Now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where her companies Ann Access and Hierarchy Media are based believes that, 

“To grow in any part of your life you need to sit down with yourself and look in. What is driving you and what impact are you trying to make. Get clear on your vision, and remember what it is your true mission is. If you want to be healthier, make the effort to be around healthy people, eat well, and create an environment for yourself to thrive in. If you want to be more fulfilled with the work you do, then sit down, and do the inner work. The people doing the inner work are the ones to keep around.”

Taylor believes that you need to figure out why you started it all in the first place. “Figure out what you want your impact to be”. It’s easy to lose sight of your end goal when you’re always working 24/7. This is why it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself why you started it all. 

On Creating an Impact:

Taylor understands the pressure that comes with wanting to create an impact. In her words, “Being a young woman with high expectations for myself, I was often made to feel like my ambitions were unattainable or set too high. This created a fire inside of me that drove me through every obstacle, setback or pivot I came into contact with and was the fuel I needed to build the structure within my own life to get done what I knew I could do to provide people with a positive alternative within this digital era. 

I was inspired by every woman I met that shared their ideas, their aspirations, and their mind to me. The strong women that were the ones helping others connect the dots and care for the people around them in business and in life; and I was inspired by the healers of our world and the impact so many women had upon others that they were never recognized for. The talent and drive that so many women shared but had no idea how to harness into a successful lifelong career or business venture…The women I’ve met along the way have inspired me to keep building what Hierarchy Media stands upon.”