Before he founded a multi-million dollar digital growth marketing agency, traveling the world, with clients and team members over USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and South East Asia, Royston King had nothing. One of the few things that most people look up to him is because he doesn’t forget to look back where he comes from. 

Although it wasn’t exactly something he can be proud of, it was the reason why he is where he is right now. He struggled being broke and has lived off his ex-girlfriend. He survived by borrowing money, but later on, he knew he needed to do something to break free from his situation.

One day, Royston made a decision that would change his life forever. In just 90 days, Royston has built a multi six-figure digital growth marketing agency, Master Scaling. Little did he know, it is projected to end up becoming a seven-figure million-dollar business by the end of the year. 

If he hadn’t decided to take control and action on his life, he couldn’t imagine being where he is now: a life he just once imagined. His impeccable growth makes even the seasoned entrepreneur stare in awe. At only 21 years old, he has built an agency with clients and team members from the US and across the world. 

Royston has turned down offers from hedge funds, private equity, and investment firms. Having worked at Bain & Co, the leading management consulting firm to billion-dollar companies and the No. 1 best workplace culture in the world, Royston was committed to pursuing his own path and achieve his ultimate goal. 

For Royston, it has always been about helping forge businesses and human beings to win because if they win, the world wins and can ultimately create a heaven on earth.

Master Scaling is run and managed by Royston himself. He has worked his way to make it become a successful digital growth marketing agency. Today, they are helping local and international businesses like dental practices, real estate agents, restaurants & e-commerce businesses to scale their business by getting more customers.

Unlike other marketing agencies, Master Scaling is all about solving the biggest problem that most businesses face, which is to get more customers. Master Scaling just doesn’t generate leads. Royston and his team make sure they go one step above and beyond to deliver booked appointments and sales to their clients. Royston shares about their proprietary secret selling system to help local and international businesses get closer to a sale than just mere leads. 

Of course, Royston is committed to disrupting the old way of doing marketing and changing the way the agency industry works. Most digital growth marketing agencies promise results, but in reality, they don’t go as far as converting leads into actual paying customers. Royston’s goal with Master Scaling is not only to deliver leads to businesses but actually close the gap between the lead generation and sale for the business by delivering appointments and customers who walk in the door, unlike most agencies who only promise leads.