Here we go again: As most of Europe enters another lockdown many of us are heaving a sigh of collective frustration. Well we have done it before, so we can do it again. In London this lockdown will be a bit easier for families due to schools remaining open, but many of us will still have to deal with serious challenges.

So, beyond stockpiling toilet paper and booze, what is your lockdown strategy?

If you are interested in turning your lockdown into an opportunity, then here are a few ideas and resources I can share with you:

Create an Inspiring Lockdown Project

If you find yourself with extra time on your hands, here are a few ideas on how you can turn the lockdown into a life changing opportunity:

Click here to read ideas for life changing lockdown projects.

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Stay fit!  

There are no excuses for not exercising during lockdown. We will need exercise even more both for our physical and mental wellbeing. Follow the link below for lockdown fitness tips from my personal trainer, including a tough workout routine that you can do without any equipment at home or in a park:

Click here to read lockdown fitness tips.

Spring Clean Your Life with Life Coach Hans Schumann

Spring Clean Your Life

You don’t need to wait until spring to clean up your life.  Download a free worksheet that will help you set new inspiring goals for your life: 

Click here to download my free “Spring Clean Your Life” worksheet.

Crack the Code of Who You Are

If you love personal growth, I have just the thing for a cosy lockdown evening on the sofa.  

Take a look at my Enneagram webinar below to explore who you are, your unique superpowers, what truly creates happiness and why we tend to sabotage our own good intentions

Click here to watch my “Crack the Code of Who You Are” webinar.

Life Coach London Hans Schumann recommends to BE THE HERO OF YOUR LIFE

Create Your Own Lockdown Hero Story

Hero or victim? YOU can decide who YOU want to be during lockdown. Each crisis you face can lead to significant personal growth if we learn to adapt. 10 years from now, what story would you want to tell about how you dealt with the trials of 2020?

Click here to read my post about creating your own lockdown hero story.

Get Extra Support

You don’t have to do this alone. Connect to friends, colleagues, online communities or get professional support from a therapist of coach

Just remember…

…you’ve got this!!