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Not everyone can be productive and focused in these unprecedented times. There are simply too many activities to do: which one to start with? You feel there’s always something more. So, what next?

We are in the middle of a historic event. It’s overwhelming. VERY. Whatever is happening around has NEVER-FREAKING-EVER happened before. And if you are an aged-reader, you might say, “We have seen curfews and blackouts during wars; this ain’t new”. Well yes, but the fact remains that such events happen in an individual’s life only countable number of times – numbers starting from ZERO, one, two and maximum THREE. 

And the beauty is that this fact remains true for any person, anywhere on earth!

I had written this first paragraph way back when the lockdown was first announced. But surprisingly, it still is very relevant. I’m still as surprised about this situation as I was back then. I would rather say that the “awe” element is growing steeply with the number of days of lockdown. 

For the first time ever, whomever I call answers the question “Hey Wassup?”, the same way as I answer to others. For the first time ever, when a client asks “Hey, are you working today?”, all I can answer is: “Mr.X, do I have any other option?” For the first time, I reach work on time! For the first time, I have time to cook, workout, pursue new & old hobbies, read, meditate, and do housework – ALL IN A DAY! So many firsts!

Despite this, as much as we are liking it, we are disliking it. We can’t say that we are cent percent happy.


There is huge pressure and anxiety at the back of our minds. We feel the guilt lingering all-day-all-night for not being able to do anything – for the poor, for the super-persons around us – doctors and healthcare workers, for the selfless police force, for the essential service providers, for the janitors and sanitation workers, for our leaders and policymakers, and for all those who are risking their and their families’ lives for the ill and the healthy alike. Our fellow human beings are battling day-and-night for all of us. And it’s a huge debt we are carrying on our backs.

While the world is trying its best to act normal, we must accept this fact with a pinch of salt: the world right now is bustling with negativity – not many in the mankind get to live through a pandemic. And so, if you frequently keep facing negative thoughts, it is absolutely normal as its a marker of you being an aware human being.

Having said this, I also would like to highlight that we are on the fortunate and lucky side of this war that the world is in. We aren’t the front-warriors. There’s an army fighting for us. And so, it becomes our responsibility to utilize this privilege in the best possible way.

That brings me to the next obvious question: How?

Fair-enough. It’s been weeks we’ve been under lockdown. By now, everyone’s tried and tested many activities, common ones being – cooking, reading, writing, painting, dancing, working out, tik-toking, undergoing courses, and virtual-hang outs/parties/games. But if you have realized, these few weeks seemed longer than usual. So naturally, we are pretty used-to and sort-of bored of these activities to some extent. The initial excitement has worn off. 

Puppy love, crushes, and novelty last only for a short while.

Now, what next?

There are so many influencers on social media, managing to live perfect lives even during this time. It’s difficult to match up with their enthusiasm. Not everyone can be productive and focused in these unprecedented times. There are simply too many activities to do: but which one to start with? And even if you manage to utilize your time productively, whatever you’re doing may feel less to you – there’s always something more.

So, how to get rid of this anxiety of not having done enough?

There’s no empirical solution. It has to be found. How do we responsibly utilize this time?

May be look within!

What’s the best version of you that you’ve imagined?

A fitter you? A kinder you? A stress-free you? A peaceful you? An inspiring you? A bolder you? A fearless you? 

What are your fears? What are you afraid of trying? What do you feel most vulnerable to? What is it that you’ve been burying in your backyard, longer than it should be? Do you think it’s time to uproot and redesign some aspects of your life?

The answers to these questions may not be easily comprehensible. But if you’re being true to yourself, you’ll more often than not find that the answers to these questions may be lying right at the top of your mind.

Now, of course in the middle of all the complications that the world is going through, addressing these questions seems like a daunting task! 

But when else, in your lifetime, do you think you will get this opportunity? I’m sure you have huge amount of office work and household responsibilities but deep down even you know that the positives outweigh these seemingly time- and energy-consuming negatives.

Its time to be your best by facing your worst. 

It’s only going to make you stronger. Just take the first plunge. Find your balance.

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The answers need not be abstract. For someone, it may be about addressing the shyness while dancing; solution: dance your heart out alone in your room and shed those inhibitions.

For someone else it may be about being trying to be comfortable with his own self, not in anyone’s company; solution: read blogs and books, and meditate – it actually works, if there’s the right amount of drive!

For someone with a type-A personality, it may be about trying to live stress-free; solution – for once, don’t stress too much on doing the right things – just unwind, it’s important – read, Netflix, loosen up – it feels good to be on the other side at times.

For someone, it may be about being kinder; solution – look within and around and try to locate what needs the most attention; maybe there’s a senior couple, go help them buy groceries; maybe your parent/partner needs help, go help – not just physically but also emotionally – it’s all about placing someone or something else over you!

The solutions are plenty and very subjective to every individual’s life! There’s no one-answer-fits-all. But trust me, these are some things which are really worth trying, which will bring hope and some really good vibes.

It’s not necessary to try to change yourself totally. It’s about taking the first step towards what you dream to be. For some, if it’s not possible to take the first step, even giving these questions some thought will be so immensely helpful in the long run. It would be like providing fodder to your mind, and once your mind gets this fodder, it’s just going to ruminate over and over it until one day, maybe very distant from now, these questions really get solved!

Give it a thought, and maybe plan a solution and then, maybe take the first step!

And when you actually come out of this lockdown, you are gonna be so proud of yourself for having faced your fears! I promise it would be the most productive way of utilising this lockdown.

I believe that igniting this tiny positive charge in each and every one of us is somehow going to give immense power to our front-warriors! It’s going to be our way of helping them – one less thing for them to worry about!

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