Throughout America’s history, and especially the past year, travelers have been looking to explore the great outdoors and escape the fast-paced lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to. For many, embarking on a trip throughout the United States National Parks is the chosen method of outdoor recreation. Since hotels can be pricey in these areas, many have begun looking into Airbnb properties located near National Parks. The areas listed below have some of the most charming options known to man.

Hot Springs National Park

Arkansas’ Hot Springs National Park is known to have nearby Airbnb properties advertised as newly redecorated gems that can house an entire family. Staying in such properties is a cost-friendly option for visitors to the area. Situated within walking distance from the downtown area, guests can enjoy a taste of the local life while also being close to numerous trails for mountain biking and walking. Also located in the area is Magic Springs, a popular amusement park known to draw families in for a day of fun.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is famous for its stunning views and true mountain experience. Imagine, if you will, an A-frame cabin situated ten minutes from the park’s west entrance. Not only are these types of lodging options available, but they also come at a great price. Once built during the 1950s, these cabins have been renovated to fit the modern style while also still offering a unique character. These cabins act as a great home away from home in the mountains. With their close proximity to the west entrance, Hungry Horse Reservoir and Flathead Lake, the location is not to be missed.

Denali National Park

If you find yourself with the opportunity to visit Denali National Park, the chances are that you’ll want to make your experience as unique as possible. Picture an Airbnb cabin that will make you feel like a true local while also situating you within walking distance from downtown Talkeetna. Lucky for you, such a cabin exists. And though it has a small appearance, it feels anything but tiny due to its living space, full kitchen, full bathroom, bedroom and washer and dryer. The owners will step in, if asked, to make your experience even more unforgettable. They will gladly arrange tours and other unique activities to help make your stay that much more memorable.

Rocky Mountain National Park
You’ll want to book a stay near the Rocky Mountain National Park before it gets snagged up by other travelers. Situated near Rocky Mountain National Park, one property, in particular, offers sweeping views of the nearby landscape. Enjoy a morning coffee with a view from the patio and the starry night sky during an evening dip in the hot tub. Located just four miles from the park and downtown area, it also allows for a relaxing escape from the tourists. No matter what time of year you visit, you are bound to be impressed.