I drove down from Los Angeles to Todos Santos in Baja. It was epic to say the least.

Endless miles of open roads, crispy-wilderness-air, killer scenes and wonderful cuisine. Its normal to encounter Rocks the size of small cars and flora that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi Steven Spielberg film.

I’ve had these visions in my mind ever since I actually moved to LA back in 2013. I knew in my heart that sooner or later I would pack my bags, load up the car and hit the road. At moments, it seemed impossible to achieve this vision. Whether it was fear, self-pride or straight out ego holding me back, I always had a great logical reason to not do it.

 But logic will only get you so far.

Every time I felt close to taking the decisive step, my mind would create the perfect excuse to continue on the same path. Just one more goal, one more mile-stone, one more career accomplishment. It would never end…until I ended it. I had to override my brain through my deeper consciousness.

You see…the thing about logic is that it makes complete sense! and even worst, the closer I came, the better my mind became at tricking me into creating scenarios that apparently served my purpose.

Quieting the mind was my biggest obstacle to overcome. The mind works like a muscle. Understanding you are not the mind is the key to deeper awareness.

It’s that simple, but simple is also challenging at the beginning.

After a few years of practicing mindful meditation, I began to see a higher sense of awareness and a hyper-development of my actual five physical senses: taste, hear, touch, smell and see.

“Wait a minute! to see? …as in to open your eyes?” (remember bird box with Sandra Bullock).

“YES!” as in to see what is beyond seeing.

As to believe in what is not there, just like a magic trick.

Everything you see without seeing will be provided to you.

It’s like magic but without the tricks. We all remember growing up believing in magic and how infinite abundant possibilities could transpire at any moment. Somehow, along the way we grew up.

Our imagination was replaced by indoctrination.

Remember the awe and amazement of watching a weekend magician pull a trick at someone’s birthday party? or hearing about David Copperfield’s act of the disappearing plane?

“Was that even true?” …I always thought it was real, which proves my point entirely.

Regrettably, at some point along the way we grow up. Our educators told us to stop playing and our school system reprimanded us for not delivering results on matters that would later prove to bring us no value in adult-hood. Or how about, when we attempted to get that first job out of college and felt the need to act extra grown-up to your uneasy boss?

The thing with these moments is that they pile up on you. Next thing you know, you are neck-deep in life complications. It’s like running in quick sand. Add up the worry factor and your troubles end up burring that last bit of magic you had left in you.

Clint Eastwood once inspired Toby Keith on the music for an original motion picture with the line “Don’t let the old man in”. This couldn’t be further from the reality.

You see there is no beginning nor end to your journey. No up or down, good or bad, old or new…you are timeless, all being, all present, all doing and all able. From the get go, as babies coming out of the safest place we will ever be in: our mother’s womb, we are required to start fighting.

In time, we learn that the fight is actually part of the reward. It’s what ends up crafting our Spartan like powerfulness.

Think of life as a continuous journey, where every minute it’s your friend’s birthday and you get to find some magic trick during your day. I mean shit, magic is all around us…do you seriously believe that sending an instant image of yourself eating a burrito with extra cheese to your old roommate, who now works in Singapore is not magic?

If you don’t believe that’s some sort of magic trick, then ask the oldest person you know what it was like to send love letters and waiting for a reply.

What’s the catch? you need to get through today. You need to stick it out, walk through it with grace and stop to gaze at the sunset.

Its pink, with purple and tones of orange. Shit it’s like sherbet ice cream but sprayed in the sky.

Tell me that’s not magic!



  • Christopher Roberts

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    I was born in Boston and grew up in the most southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. After seeking experiences all over the world, I currently live in between Los Angeles, Ca and Todos Santos, Baja.

    In my 10 year marketing career, I have focused on leading with heartfelt purpose and bringing mindfulness to my teams and clients.

    I have a deep passion to serve and being an active agent in all I do. I believe the business world and soul centered living can co-exist by embracing our humanity, cultures and environments.