Health is wealth! You must be familiar with this quote, right? Are you tired of throwing away the food every time just because of not securing it properly in storage? Food is a very important and basic need for an individual. Without it no one can survive. Mostly whatever cooked or groceries bought to prepare and eat have leftovers. Majority just keep the remaining in the fridge as it is resulting into wastage the next day if not remembered. Upon clearing up, one recalls that there was foodstuff left earlier. This article would help individual to store the food accurately. Yes, every ingredient has a different way to look after.

  • Common daily nourishments

Nutritional stuff like milk, salt, eggs are essential part to build an immune system strong. If they expire or not used within the time period, it goes into throwing. It is advisable to place the salt in a steel tin for avoiding the heat temperature raised. Same goes for the milk that once opened it should not be prolonged for long or else it turns into fungus within the box inside. Eggs should have a proper tray with separate sections instead of placing them into one bowl.

  • Fruits and veggies

Frequent washing of such substances removes the dust and other germs attached to it. They provide real vitamins and calcium to the body preventing illness. Proper serving spoons must be placed with it. Raw foods must be kept in a dish tray and kept separately as per need like if potatoes and onions that should require a stand for it. In case of tomatoes, it must be in the refrigerator in a zipper bag within the drawer that has been specially designed for such things.

  • Staple Products

Long canisters are available in the market. As per the requirement, different sizes also work well for incorporating wheat, grains, flour, sugar and similar items. It resists from direct heating and gives life to it for a longer period.

  • Utensils for Cooked Food

After eating, it depends on the quantity left. For that purpose a set of Tupperware that are microwave friendly as well should be purchased. Transferring the food into it and next day making it hot will give the same taste. It is advisable to paste a note pad on the cold storage as a reminder that what’s inside so that one cannot forget.

  • Zipper Bags

Especially meat and fish must be placed in freezer bags for a longer protection for at least 3-4 months. Such zip locks saves space and time too.

  • Canned Material

Recently multiple brands have come up with a concept of ready to eat foodstuff to enhance satisfaction among the users. Just warm and have it is the whole idea behind it. But yes this too has a best before date. After opening it, take it out completely in a deep dish and not leaving it in the can because it will eventually start to rust resulting to spoil the food.

Spices also comes tin like tomato paste or ginger garlic puree, they are also preferable to be poured out once it opened.

Advisable to have a pantry where there is no direct sunlight that can damage leading to regret later on for all the money invested. If has already been built than cool cupboards and storage can be a best combination to provide shelter. Containers should be moist in nature and easy to use. These are few techniques that can help a person especially females who are looking after the kitchen and its belongings from food destruction. Protect and enjoy the tempting delicacies like before.