Look Like A Leader

If you want to be a leader, you have to look like one. Among a crowd of people, it is quite easy to determine who the leader. It is by the person’s demeanor. This is a worthy goal because being the “boss” will help you enjoy privileges that are not accorded to followers. However, you have to do your part in projecting yourself as a leader of men.

One of the first things that people will notice about you is your appearance, i.e. the clothes that you wear and how you carry them. In this regard, here are seven tips that will help you look like you are the boss.

Stay Fit

Staying fit doesn’t necessarily mean that you have all the right muscles in the right places. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean you are disturbingly thin and sickly either. If you want to stand the rigors and stresses of leadership, you have to be fairly healthy. Although not true in every case, a sickly body is an indication of an unhealthy mind. A leader should have complete control of his mind.

Remember, it is expected of leaders to be at the vanguard. How can you be the spear point if you are weak and sickly? Therefore, your priority as a leader is to stay fit. This can be done by engaging in a regular exercise routine and eating a healthy diet. Stick to a healthy regimen and you will stay fit.

Buy a Suit

Even a lowly utility man will appear respectful if he is wearing a suit and is carrying it properly. Being the boss, your requirements are much more stringent. You don’t have to wear a suit at the office all the time. But at least buy a decent suit that you can afford and wear it when the occasion arises. A tailored suit will add immensely to your efforts of really looking like a leader.

Wear Clothes that Fit You Well

The clothes you wear every day will show people how well you value yourself. Therefore, if you regard yourself as a leader, you must wear clothes that fit you well. Not a tad small or a tad big. It is not wrong to stay with the current fad. However, be sure that the latest style that you will wear will fit exactly with your body type. If you are unsure, ask a trusted friend to tell you the truth, if the clothes that you want to buy will really fit you well.

Wear the Latest Smart Watch

Did you ever notice the design of smartwatches? They have all the bells and whistles but they appear very simple. There are no intricate dials that clutter their faces. These watches have a plain and simple black face that only lightens up when you push a button on the side. Wearing one of these will show other people that you are avant-garde. These smart watches are quite expensive. But being the boss, you should try to acquire one.

Wear Quality Shoes

The pair of men’s shoes that a man is wearing conveys his character. Therefore, if you want to project the demeanor of a leader, buy a quality pair of shoes that you will be proud to wear. A man can be judged by the kind of shoes he wears. This is a truism that has persisted today. That maxim stemmed from the not too distant past when boys were trained to tidy up and shine their shoes every day. It was a sign of a good upbringing, and consequently, of good character.

Carry a Wallet

There are plenty of wallets that you can buy. But since you are trying to project a boss image, you should stay away from the cheap ones. A wallet is one accessory that most men overlook in terms of quality. They fail to realize that it will hold important stuff like cash, credit cards, IDs and the like.

Buy a branded wallet made of quality leather. This material is tough and can withstand the abuse. It will provide enough protection for all the stuff that you will put in it.

Carry a Lap Top Bag

The leaders of today are almost always on the go requiring them to do their work on laptops. As the boss of your company, you should not just carry your laptop inside your luggage whenever you are traveling. Prying out your laptop from the luggage when you need it is very inconvenient.

Your laptop should be in a separate bag. In this way, you can take it out from the bag anytime you need to without any hassle. And you shouldn’t just settle for the cheap laptop bags because they will make you look like an ordinary worker, not a boss. Quality laptop bags are stronger and could provide longer protection than the cheap ones.