When you look at the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry you may tend to worry about the future of it. you may think that these trends play a significant role in polluting the environment. However, there is nothing to worry primarily because of the growing awareness among the consumers.

It is for this reason most of the apparel manufacturers in the fashion industry have switched to using eco-friendly methods in their production. They are now more inclined to use more sustainable technologies and methods to make the entire fashion industry green.

Fashion is something that is not limited to clothes and dresses only. Experts say that fashion is everywhere including:

  • In the street
  • In the sky
  • In the way people live as well as
  • In the things that are happening around.

In short, fashion is the way to express different aspect of a person in the best possible way. These aspects include:

  • Ideas
  • Values
  • Culture
  • Personality and
  • Interests.

Fashion has evolved dramatically since ancient times and now has become more fascinating and stylish. However, with the concern for nature and environment there has also been a constant focus on ensuring and attaining sustainability in terms of resources.

Manufacturers are now concerned for water pollution through the liquid as well as solid wastes discharged to the water bodies from the factories. Pre-treating and dyeing of fabrics and textiles are done with special focus on the emissions of several harmful chemicals that includes:

  • Chlorine
  • Hydrogen sulfide and more.

It is for this reason that the clothing manufacturers are inclined to use alternative technologies to prevent pollution and protect the environment. Consumers favor those brands that contribute to the nature and therefore, it is only a socially and environmentally conscious brand that will be able to secure its future in the fashion industry.

Concrete application of technology

If you want to make your fashion brand more sustainable, you will have to face fierce competition out there. It is a new world out there with new technology and it is only the brave who can survive. For this, you will need to make some concrete application of technology if you think of making the most from online marketing.

With the use of the latest technology you will be able to reduce the waste of energy. Resources and even the finished products.according to a recent survey report of Ellen MacArthur Foundation it is found that:

  • Nearly $500 billion is lost in clothing waste cost and under-use every year and
  • Nearly 87% of all fashion made ends up in a landfill.

Therefore, you will need to make some changes in the concept of making clothes. You will have to make clothes that are wanted by people to be more sustainable.

Push for sustainability

Whether it is manufacturing or marketing, sustainability is the key to success, and the best way to ensure that is by using the advanced tools, technologies and software. When it comes to marketing, you will need to make the best use of the social media platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook to reach out to a larger audience and buy Insta likes. On the other hand, when it comes to creating fashion, you will need to know the negatives of fast fashion and avoid it.

The consumers of today are more socially conscious shoppers. They embrace the growing movement of ‘slow fashion.’ This is the movement that focuses on:

  • Ethical labor
  • Use of more sustainable materials
  • Transparent business policies and, most importantly
  • Better manufacturing processes to protect the environment.

This is in addition to their want for style qualifications which includes newer and better things used for manufacturing clothes such as organic cotton and vegan leather.

With this growing concern in the consumers, the fashion manufacturing brands are now more concerned for sustainability. There are now making more sustainable offerings to the younger generations to keep up with the change in the consumption habits. The fashion brands are trying to align their moves in accordance to the consumer sensitivities.

Transparency in approach

It is the slow fashion movement, rise in use of technology, AI and machine learning that has resulted in the extensive use of social media and eCommerce. This has transformed the fashion industry as people know it.

The trend now is on transparency and the fashion industry has now come out of the closed doors. They have now changed their modes and methods of operation shining light on the reality and shunning the hidden practices that this industry was known for. The most common and significant practices included:

  • Violations of human rights
  • Environmental issues and
  • Supply chains.

Fortunately, a large number of fashion brands are now more being more transparent in their practices than ever before, bringing in a Fashion Revolution of sorts.

The recent Fashion Transparency Index shows that 10 out of 200 brands surveyed disclosed their source of raw materials which included farms and facilities supplying fabrics like cotton wool and viscose. Low as it may seem, it is better than zero in 2016 and 2017 survey.

Therefore, following the transparency trend is an important aspect to ensure sustainability in the fashion industry.

Rise of digital clothes

If you want to imitate the luxury fashion brands then you will need to offer digital clothes. This is a new concept that uses augmented reality to try clothes and shoes from the inventory for the consumers to choose the most suitable one for them.

Though this is yet to come in full force, this is a useful method for fashion brands to experiment with the new technology and engage more with their customers in a much better way. This will help the brands to cater to both sustainability and Instagram culture.

As of now, digital designs are already in use and most of the fashion brands test their customer appetite. The brands invite their customers to pre-order digital designs according to their choices before sending it into production. This reduces waste and makes it more profitable for the business making things more sustainable.