Mentoring is an important part of progressing in our careers. With expert help, we can gain the insight we need to understand how to climb up the next rung of the ladder.

During this lockdown period especially, the time to find a mentor and discuss and learn how you can get ahead in your professional field or career path has never been clearer. Whether you’re a professional looking to get ahead, a graduate looking to get into a career, or simply seeking role models to help you understand your job better, we’ve covered some of the best websites where you can find a mentor for you. 


PushFar is a network that can help connect you with other professionals and experts. Launched early in 2019, PushFar has developed a platform to help you to find a mentor and to stay on top of career progression in the professional world. From networking events and job opportunities through to mentor connectivity and day-to-day work planning, PushFar provides a number of opportunities for students. With thousands of registered mentors and mentees, PushFar helps professionals and students to find a mentor, manage mentoring relationships, set goals, schedule mentoring meetings and much more.


myGwork understands that for aspiring LGBT+ professionals, the working world can be daunting when you feel you can’t bring your “whole self” to work. At myGwork, the focus of their mentorship scheme is on putting LGBT+ students and graduates in touch with LGBT+ professionals for advice and support; helping students and graduates gain the insight they need to about their desired sector, as well as enabling young LGBT+ people to see themselves in the workplace and see role models that better apply to their lives. In addition to this, myGwork also runs webinars for students around upskilling and involving interviews with professionals, to help students better seek the mentor and skills they need for their career.

Meet a Mentor 

Meet a Mentor is a platform dedicated to helping students break into the tech industry. Collating experts from big name companies, Meet a Mentor provides a platform for those who are interested in, or set on, going into the tech industry to find the support they need to make progress in their careers. Utilising meetups, an online slack platform, and specialist 1-to-1 mentoring, Meet a Mentor has all bases covered for enabling you to find and achieve your potential in the tech industry. With over 400 mentors, Meet a Mentor is a must-have for tech graduates.

Find a Mentor 

Find a Mentor aims to provide you as much option and flexibility as possible in your search for a mentor. With over 1900 categories of mentor, there is little doubt that you won’t find someone who is able to put you on the path to success. The premise is simple: you create a profile, and start inputting your interests and what you’re hoping to achieve from mentoring. Using this, Find a Mentor is able to put you in touch with a Mentor that shares similar interests as you, and is best placed to help you achieve your goals.


MentorCity is multi-faceted. Offering services to businesses, students, and non-profits, it also specialises in putting individuals in touch with each other to provide mentoring. By connecting you with a professional, MentorCity seeks to provide you with exposure to the career you’re seeking to get into, and advice on how to get there through your mentor. Testimonials are glowing – MentorCity continues to provide its students with a breadth of knowledge that enables them to get ahead in their professional careers as they seek to move forward. Boasting a variety of industries, MentorCity really has everything for everyone.

LinkedIn –

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for finding a professional mentor. From building your online profile and finding connections, you can find mentors that have expert knowledge in your field through LinkedIn’s Careers Advice service. With 530 million professionals on LinkedIn, the pool for potential mentors is vast and is sure to help you find the advice you need to meet your goals, and really shine in the work you do. Read the testimonials – it’s smiles all round!


Sharpr is the new app for professionals that lets you build a unique profile and meet other professionals. Primarily for networking, Sharpr also boasts mentoring opportunities through its system of putting you in touch with other professionals with whom you can share ideas and gain advice and insight. Once you’ve selected your fields of interest and connected your existing professional profiles, Sharpr does the rest by putting you in contact with new professionals every day and allowing you to form the connections to get the mentors you want.