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Since the start of confinement, many have worried that they have gained weight. What if it was the best thing that could have happened to us?

The numbers have fallen. Since the start of the containment, have priced on average 2.5 kg according to a very serious study by Ifop. 2.3 kg for women and 2.7 kg for men. A finding that alarms some, but which is actually a very positive signal.

Slimming and demonization of weight, why you have to change your mind

In this injunction fair, we still found a guide: Elyane C, dietitian nutritionist who made videos of reactions to the speeches of other influencers. She distills her professional advice there, reacts to received ideas, but above all opened our minds in a video where she comments on that of Margot from YouMakeFashion. Margot admits in his speech that snacking is bound to be bad. And it is true that it is something that has always been repeated to us. And Elyane then launched ” and if snacking was ultimately the healthiest way to overcome the stress of confinement “. Awareness. Why have we demonized food for so long? Taking sugar, ultimately it’s less worse than

With this simple sentence, Elyane made us realize that indeed, taking sugar and perhaps even weight, was surely healthier than calming stress by yelling at everyone, either by taking drugs, alcohol or by increasing the consumption of cigarettes. With this more global vision, we realize that we may have put too much emphasis on food by completely demonizing it and omitting everything that food has made us escape and what it has preserved us.

So yes, we all gained about 2kg, but if you look closely, we all learned something about ourselves during this confinement. Some will have accomplished things, others will have learned to procrastinate, put up furniture, plant their first plants, bleed all the hidden catalog of Netflix, make compulsive purchases at Zara, write and update almost daily with passion a slideshow on the best containment jokes and others just managed to get past this period. And frankly, it’s already not bad. Whatever you did or did not do: congratulations to all.

Containment and thinness: a period where injunctions have multiplied

During this confinement, we had the opportunity to go through all the stages: worry, stress, anxiety during or after… Our moods made the roller coaster, that we either conscious or not. This clearly turned us upside down. And to survive, many techniques have been proposed on social networks. Some have rushed into sport. Some preferred to try to lose weight, others launched challenges or dressed with their pillow for the #pillowchallenge (seriously?)…

So many challenges that have raised diktats and created complexes, frustrations and even anger among many of us. For many, this imperative of performance during confinement was an image conveyed rather difficult to live, especially since the initial situation is sufficiently painful to live in itself.

In this uncertain period, there is no good behavior and good course to follow. In the end, everyone does their best and no one has the right to judge others on how they experience it. And of course, it works both ways. If conveying the image that it is necessary at all costs to eat healthy, to be productive and to take care of oneself is harmful, wanting to criticize people who wish to keep control over their appearance is just as bad. The weight and the silhouette look at no one but yourself.

Because in the end, whatever their nature and their object, it is the diktat and the injunction in themselves that are problematic since they encourage women to perceive themselves only as physical.