Personal connections have been a struggle for the last year. Adults have had a hard time in the beginning having to work from home although we eased into it pretty quick, we felt comfortable working from home and we have more survival skills than youngsters and children.

Young adults created a lot of discomfort for everyone, they resisted to stop seeing their friends and hang out with them in some way. They were the “resistance” and they stuck to their guns, not that I agreed or disagreed, it was a fact. Teenagers had a harder time since most of them depend on their parents to go places and do things, if their parents said “we stay home” they stayed home! Today they are collective with the higher levels of anxiety and depression in our country.  They came back to school recently. They were craving their friends and the close relationship they have with their BFF. Teenagers, especially girls. Girls neuro-psychologically speaking they need close conversation, emotional engagement, and the role models they look after. Boys tend to communicate differently and they do better by themselves if they have their fathers in the house, the father is the role model they look after. Now,…

little children, grammar school children, are the new generation that will have a later struggle. In their case there is not so much anxiety or depression, their struggle will be fear. Fear to confraternalize with peers, they will be used to the isolation that will create a different set of emotional deficiencies such as germaphobia, physical touch, social distancing, and emotional distancing. Brain mirror cells need to be worked to enhance performance, all this distancing keeps mirror cells dormant to the point it is more difficult to have empathy and compassion for others. 

I am not judging, I want to raise awareness to the mental health of little children’s mental health, they don’t know how to express emotions this is something they learn from being with others, many, that way they have a big range of emotions to pick from, while in isolation these won’t happen. 

People need people of their own age range to learn as big as emotions range to operate in all areas of their life. That way we can call adults to be “emotional maturity” otherwise adults behave like children when they get triggered for whatever reason.

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