The New Year has come and suddenly here we are into March. Those New Years intentions have been sidelined because life suddenly got hold and this morning you wake up and wonder, What am I doing? What’s my purpose? Where am I headed?

Nelson Mandela said, ”the greatest joy in living lies in not falling but in rising every time we fall.” So, if for today you are like me, pondering what my purpose is and taking a look backward and reviewing where I may have fallen down, here are 6 questions to help you Fall Up!

1. Take a look at what you do well. What are your talents?

Perhaps you are great at creating podcasts, at interviewing others, of being of service of brimming with new ideas. Or maybe you are great on the computer. Or maybe you are always present for your friends and helping them out of tough spots. Knowing what you do well is a great start.

2. Do a 360 – Ask others what you do well.

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize what you do well. We are often our own worst critics . it is easy for me to help others rise to their best possible selves but ask me and I will be ever ready to state my flaws in glowing technicolor .
Ask several folks and listen to them they may see something you can capture, create and discover.

3. Stay curious about yourself.

In a perfect world what is it you want to do how do you want to be remembered? Try writing your own eulogy that will give you a guidepost of where you want to go and what you want to do.

4. In like fashion, if you could do or be anything what would you do?

I have thought about this a lot lately myself. I would love to be a best selling author with my book HIW to Gave a Kick Ass life in every airport newsstand or speak in Madison square garden
Each of us have hidden talents and dreams maybe some are career oriented others may turn out to be hobbies. What’s your passion? Can your passion align with a career or can you adopt it as an avocation . Doing something that expands you always pays off

5. When you do something what gives you a good feeling or acknowledgement by others?

I believe everyone is good at something. Perhaps sales, or being of service, or coming up with innovative ideas or collaborating with others. What are the things you do that make you special. Walt Disney said that the way to get started is to “quit talking start doing.”

6.What action can you take this week?

What skills, or training do you need to improve your skills? For me, learning never ends. We can always learn new skills and strategies and doing something we love is always a plus
What will you do today? Being in the now on the moment helps us create purpose.  Nor waiting till tomorrow to actualize your goals. As John Maxwell, author of The Leaders Greatest Return: Attracting, Developing and Multiplying Leaders says, “Your purpose is an anchor that keeps you grounded. It’s also your North Star that helps you soar.”

So whatever you want to do keep it in the now, make your actions explicit and know that you are capable.

Lastly, ask for help.


  • Louise Stanger Ed.D, LCSW, CDWF, CIP

    Writer, Speaker, Clinician, Interventionist

    Dr. Louise Stanger founded All About Interventions because she is passionate about helping families whose loved ones experience substance abuse, mental health, process addictions and chronic pain. She is committed to showing up for her clients and facilitating lasting change so families are free from sleepless, worrisome nights. Additionally, she speaks about these topics all around the country, trains staff at many treatment centers, and develops original family programs. In 2018, Louise became the recipient of the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House Excellence in Service Award. She most recently received the Interventionist of the Year Award from DB Resources in London and McLean Hospital - an affiliate of Harvard University, in 2019. To learn more, watch this video: and visit her website at