The entrepreneurial industry is fast-changing and leaders are recognizing the importance of showing up as themselves fully in a saturated industry.

Lourissa Setu is a New Zealand based 6-figure affiliate marketer, mentor and coach supporting people to transform their lives and their finances by activating their potential. For Lourissa, her business flourished, not from following the same strategy as everyone else, but instead being more of herself and in the process empowering others to do the same.

Be more of you

With a plethora of existing strategies on how to market yourself, it can be easy to get lost amongst the noise. Are you someone who stands out from the crowd? Or are you someone using the same cookie-cutter strategy as everyone else who blends in?

Through embracing herself fully, Lourissa has been able to grow her business as an affiliate marketer, mentor and coach to 6-figures by attracting people who align with her and the unique message she shares with the world.

“I feel so much inner freedom with this that I never have before, and I have experienced and seen so much self-acceptance in myself and other people. Parts of myself I used to hide or be a little bit embarrassed by have now become parts I love and which makes my business unique.”

Your inner world is a reflection of your outer

Many entrepreneurs are fast realising investment into their own personal growth is important, if not necessary to create wealth in their business.

“Entrepreneurship will bring up all your shadow work and force you to face your shadows.” Business will show you all the ways you play small, where you need to commit more and where you are not showing up for yourself.

Lourissa’s tip for entrepreneurs, “Think of your business as a relationship with your partner. It has so much to give to you so how much intentional time are you spending with it, loving it, how much gratitude do you have for it, how much are you willing to improve yourself, how much of a priority is your business to you?”

Express yourself fully

As someone who felt misunderstood as a child, Lourissa knows first-hand how it feels to be someone who doesn’t fit in. Growing up she often acted in ways she knew would allow her to fit in because her imagination was so wild.

“I wanted to know how everything worked, I was fascinated by animals, dinosaurs and space, I just wanted to know how on earth we as humans got here and how we formed. I believed anything was possible.”

No longer afraid of standing out from the crowd, Lourissa is committed to sharing thought-provoking messages in ways that opens peoples minds to see things from a new perspective.

Lourissa is among the growing number of entrepreneurs who are realising their magic lies who they are and expressing it fully. “We get to show up as ourselves, share our message whatever it is and our visions.”

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