Love at First sight exists! Yes, it does, and I have one more amazing story to prove it.

Those of you who have read my previous blogs will know that I am a strong supporter of Let the Rebel in You Break Convention and Judge a Book by Its Cover. I don’t have to push any boundaries to believe that love at first sight exists!

The reason it has taken me so long to tell this story is that I wanted to make sure it was destined for long-term success. Now, after nine months, with almost six months of COVID-19 isolation, I feel pretty safe about bringing it into the open.

Carrie, our protagonist, was looking for that special someone to complete her almost-perfect life. Did she know that love at first sight exists? Maybe, but it wasn’t something she thought about.

Her job? Great! Her personal life? Couldn’t be better! Money? Like everyone, she could use more.

What was coming up short in her life was outdoor activity, and that special someone could help in that area. And truth be told, even perfect can improve, so that someone she was looking for could fill other empty boxes too.

Carrie was keeping her eyes open, both locally and globally, because she’s that kind of person, with wide horizons and an open mind. No one popped up, no one with the face, charming smile, appealing eyes she was seeking.

All that scrolling, left, right, up, down. Nothing. She was getting discouraged, second-guessing her desire to open her life to someone new.

Until one day.

With fingers exhausted from scrolling, left and right and up and down, she saw what she was looking for: big brown eyes, a humble look, a boney rib cage, scarce hair. Carrie knew this was her special someone.

The adoption process with I Stand with My Pack was everything she could hope for. It happened quickly, in about a week, with the rescue association making sure the dog went to the right home with the right owners.

Adopting a rescue dog, especially an emaciated one, can bring difficulties, though they are nothing that unconditional love can’t overcome.

When I saw the first photo of this emaciated dog with the beautiful eyes, I shed a few tears, and then a few more over her good fortune to be moving to a forever home. I started following her on Instagram and have been in awe of this love story ever since.

Like most rescue dogs who finally end up in a loving place, Bambi Buddha’s recovery was nothing short of miraculous. With Carrie and her partner, Joseph, co-parenting, BB turned into a relaxed, happy, beautiful dog. She gained weight and slept and slept and slept. There wasn’t a soft surface she didn’t sleep on, and the photos proved it.

With all the terrible things people who work in animal rescue have to witness, it’s such a relief to be able to tell a good story.

Bambi Buddha was adopted by Carrie and Joseph on January 4, 2020. Before moving in with them, she was fostered by the amazing comedian Whitney Cummings, an active supporter of ISWMP.

When COVID-19 broke out aggressively in the U.S. in March and shelters had to close, Carrie, Joseph, and Bambi Buddha opened their home to foster misplaced dogs looking for their forever home. They invited Beans the Poodle; Winnie (now Parker), a Chihuahua puppy; Gwen (now Guava), a Schnauzer puppy; Forrest, the German shepherd; and now Momma Heaven and her two new babies.

I hope that this love story of Carrie, Joseph, and Bambi Buddha brings awareness of all the abandoned animals living in overly populated animal shelters looking for a bit of happiness.

I also hope that this story about love shows that each and every one of us can change the world and that every act of kindness produces its ripple.

I would like to acknowledge the rescue societies like I Stand with My Pack and A Purposeful Rescue and who rely on volunteers and donations and are always willing the lend a paw to support animals in distress.

A big thank-you to the celebrities, like Whitney Cummings and Richard Phibbs who lend their names to good causes.

Stay current with all these new-found friends through Instagram! If you are like me, you will have no trouble finding like-minded friends for life.

Bambi Buddha and their new fosters!

I Stand with My Pack Whitney Cummings

A Purposeful Rescue Deb FeldBloom

And of course me!

XOXO, Monica Magnetti

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