In my last two articles I referred to the bottom two levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – Basic Needs and Safety & Security Needs – which need to be met before you can truly focus on the Love level.

This refers not only to romantic Love but to Love in all of it’s forms, including Self-Love (essential on your healing journey), your Love for family and friends and your Love for life!

You first need to be solid in your basic needs, eg. food, water, shelter, and physical health and you need to be solid in your Safety & Security needs, eg. being able to forecast financially and having healed and unlearned any negative thought patterns from past traumas that may have continued to cause you up until now to feel unsafe and insecure without reason.

You will find that by having these needs met that your Love level will actually come naturally as you will have the space and time for Love. Your vibe will be higher and you will have the space and time to Love yourself more however that looks like for you, meditation, baths, hiking, dancing, laughing freely! You will naturally be in the right place to connect with people in your life in a real way and for new people to come in. Think about it, to simpilfy the situation, if you are physically healthy, you have done enough healing work to rid yourself of unecessary anxieties, and you are pretty confident in being able to keep yourself supported going forward, then you’re not spending your spare time worrying and hustling, and so you’ve got more room for the people and things that you Love in life and you have more room to explore new things that you may Love!

Furthermore, because you are more stable now you will attract the right kinds of people. The ones that are joining in on your Love level are there for the sake of Love and connection, opposed to the ones that you would otherwise attract if you stayed in unhealed Safety & Security issues of if you did not meet your Basic Needs, because as you can imagine these people would have similar issues which will not help to enhance your life experience and they may even want to take advantage of your more vulnerable position to fill their own cups.

As you can see it really is worth putting the effort in to setting the best foundation that you can for yourself, so that Love can flow freely, and only good can come from that! Until the next time.. stay well!