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It is a widespread belief that love is complicated, and finding The One in this world is almost impossible. But thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the quest for love has become a lot easier than it used to be. 

Even on dating apps, it hasn’t been easy for users to find the perfect fit. Whether it is a problem with mutual compatibility or the simple disagreement about pineapple on pizza. But now the application of AI has changed the scenario entirely. In fact, the effect of AI on online dating has been so deep that we might even go ahead and say that AI has redefined modern love

Now if you are thinking about making a dating app, then it is crucial that you learn about the different ways AI is changing the dating app world. Because in this market integrating the latest technology within the dating app is the only way of staying ahead in the game. So how is AI redefining the modern premise of love? Let’s find out. 

  • Finding Better Matches Through Extensive Surveys

Today data is everything. So it makes sense that the dating apps are using extensive surveys to gather data on their users and using data analysis AI to provide the perfect match for the dating app users. 

There are still sites like OkCupid, eHarmony that asks the users to fill out long questionnaires to give them the perfect match. But most online dating services are today skipping that ‘fill-out-questionnaires’ technique and connecting to user’s social media profiles. And the data they collect from there serves as the perfect map to find the right match. 

The application of AI in dating apps is not only saving the users from heartache, but also from wasting their time. Imagine going on a date with a guy who looked cool on his profile but turned out to be an absolute bore! With AI in dating apps, the users have a better chance at love.  

  • Long-lasting Solution Than Speed Dating

If you think AI is only helping with dating, then you are not all the way right, because the AI is also making life long matches. 

In countries where arranged marriages are still a thing, AI-based marriage portals are changing the way matchmaking is done. The traditional way is definitely through the family olive branch, but thanks to platforms like, couples have a better chance at finding compatible matches for life. 

Instead of depending on the basic premise of race, caste, religion and extra-curricular activities, is focusing more on the compatibility factor between the couples. The advanced AI algorithm used by the platform calculates the compatibility between two people before matching them. Despite the challenges in a diverse market, platforms like Betterhalf are creating new ways for online matchmaking services. 

  • Auto-detection Of Frauds And Fake Profiles

It goes without saying that just like everywhere else, we can find plenty of fake and fraud profiles on dating apps. But with AI tech integrated into dating apps, it is now easy to not only detect fake profiles but also restrict anyone from making fake profiles on dating apps. 

The AI-based algorithm has been trained specifically to recognize fake profiles and then use that training to scan millions of dating profiles on various dating services to weed out the fake ones.  Using the AI-based fake detection algorithm makes the detection and prevention of fake profiles easier and more impactful. 

When it comes to dating app development, security is one crucial point you can not compromise on. The users need to be confident and secure on your platform. And so far, only the AI-based security algorithm shows some real promise of solving the security problem of dating apps. So don’t forget to integrate AI-based security algorithms when you create a dating app. 

  • All New DNA And VR Dating

The application of AI in the dating app scenario goes deeper than applying to find perfect matches through compatibility quizzes. Platforms like DNA romance are using the AI-based algorithm to analyze DNA data and find the perfect matches for the users. 

Users on DNA Romance can take a DNA test and then upload the raw findings on the platform. This raw data, later on, is analyzed by an AI-based system algorithm and finds matches that are both psychologically and genetically compatible for the users. 

If you thought DNA dating is weird, wait till you find out about VR dating. The virtual reality dating is a new take on dating, and it is proving to be effective in filling out the gap in seeing someone’s photograph online and actually meeting them in real life for the first time. VR dating is providing users with a comprehensive way of getting to someone besides looking at their photo before going on a real date. 

It is a cutthroat dating app market out there, with hundreds if not thousands of dating apps vying for the top position in the market. And that’s why just researching how to create a dating app is not enough. You have to look for ways you can make your app truly unique. The application of AI and the way it is changing modern-day dating is definitely going to be an inspiration for how you can make a dating app of your own stand out in the market.

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