The unexpectedly, quietly shy, timid voice of an ‘Uber’ driver is #goals.

Adjust. Adapt. Overcome, and Above All Else, Keep Smiling. That is the explorative, unsolicited, teachable advice given to Taniya Nayak, on a  pleasantly calm, warm, mid November Sunday evening, sharing the poignantly timed, joyous inspiration with her ‘Instagram’ followers, including myself.

An effect of a chaptered story has its profound results, similarly mirroring my reflective, routined stance on the equally paralleled, humbled ideas of fate and meant to be (as if uniquely met at the convenience of an openly cornered, busily trafficked crossroads).

A simple message is capable of producing a happily, healthily, quality patterned ripple effect and the simultaneous creation of an overwhelmingly powerful, strong, key, reverberated, cathartic response. 

#MotivationMonday #MotivationalMonday often comes to mind, focusing on (and refueling) the greatness of a new week ahead, selflessly moving closer to the epitomized, repetitive, reformed, traditional definition of #Thanksgiving. 

Positive expression freely glides throughout an enlarged, closely tight knit community, welcoming the refreshingly grasped ideas of mindful suggestion, acceptance and clarity, nearing the impending approach of the neighboring, inviting, priceless holiday season. That’s a wishful reminder needed.

Constructive conversation productively held between two strangers ricochets back and forth, explaining the consistent likelihood and the knowledgeable relationship of the six degree theory. 

Importance of possibility reigns, gaining continued, governed, favorable status of a successfully blossoming, naturally friendly, commonly growing, formal acquaintance.

One’s fortune states, ‘Love Is A Present That Can Be Given Every Single Day,’ much like the comfortable familiarity and the captive appreciation of a deliciously tasty, freshly sweet slice of home made pumpkin pie that is served over family dinner, descriptive of a promised, small, private gathering in tumultuous, complicated covid times.