Love, success or both

What are you searching in life?

1. Love,

2. Success or

3. Both.

Last week, I sent this question to 5 of my students.

Very interestingly, I got as many answers.

The first student was very clear that they were searching love.

No doubts, no concerns, clear focus. Brilliant!

The second student in contrast felt that they were actually seeking success.

This student was more concerned about their situational existence and hence talked about school fees, monthly bills, medical expenses, family expectations and such things.

The third felt that they were seeking a balance of both, since a balance was needed for a truly happy existence.

Somehow the expression of happiness seemed most important to them.

The fourth student very interestingly had no idea as to what they were seeking.

‘I don’t know.’

These 3 words came back to me in response.

‘I feel confused.’

And these 3 words followed the previous three.

Incidentally, I had to agree here with my student because this question – what are you seeking in life – can be a big confusion in itself.

Thus it was a matter of great delight for me that the student had chosen to be dead honest and in doing so hadn’t hesitated to move beyond the three choices offered.

Such students always go far in their spiritual quest.

The fifth student thereafter returned with a single word answer – ‘Freedom’.

Hey buddy… where are you imprisoned? Who has held you captive?

Yet, this guy seemed searching freedom. Why?

Doesn’t that answer sound surprising?

Nevertheless, I felt pleased of that fact that none of my students answered: ‘nothing’.

Because had anyone answered ‘nothing’ then it would have meant:

  • Either they were lying.
  • Or they were a Buddha.

Guys, in 21st century even celebrated monks cannot say that they are seeking nothing.

This is because even their serene monasteries have to pay for the electricity, water and other civic facilities that they consume just as we all have to pay for them.

And this is often the reason why even the most sacred of the spiritual institutions are found seeking voluntary donations. Besides, everything that is part of any spiritual set-up has to be organized from somewhere. Hence, none can say that they are seeking nothing.

Yes, however, if you ever find an individual drowned so deep in meditation that the wild bushes have grown around them or termites have eaten into their body and yet failed to disrupt their penance, then you can safely say that this person is actually seeking nothing.

Barring this state of being, under every other condition a human being shall necessarily be seeking at least something.

Further, among whatever one may be seeking, finding love is the most powerful starting point.

Unfortunately this beautiful expression called ‘love’ has been badly misused over time.

As a result nowadays we have to use terms such as ‘true love’, ‘pure love’, ‘deep love’, etc. and still no feelings may emanate from them.

Otherwise, love is simply love. By default it is true, pure and deep. These attributes are its natural qualities.

In any case, the antonym of love is deceit.

And very unfortunately the world has got filled with this stuff instead.

Hypocrisy is ruling everywhere and it is this behavior which in turn makes our life difficult.

Thus when my fifth student said that they were seeking freedom, then what they actually meant was that they were seeking freedom from the sad experiences of deceit, hypocrisy and loss of love.

Love is extremely important because it is the only path through which you can experience your own hidden internal freedom.

This is the reason why you feel at the top of world when in love. Nothing can dissuade you from your state of being in those moments.

Even success without love is useless. Such success only breeds arrogance.

Besides, success in life doesn’t mean mere worldly success. Success isn’t either about having money, assets, name, fame etc., instead it means achieving that state of mind from where one cannot be deluded.

Thus love and success when both come together they allow us to experience the joy of freedom.

A simple example to showcase this truth would be to watch those children who receive love of their parents. You shall find them enjoying their childhood to the hilt. Similarly, lovers who can be two bodies and one soul, not only enjoy their life together, but also end up doing great works.   

So, first love, then success and then freedom.

This is the simple sequence.

However now, what if you haven’t been able to find love despite having tried over and again?

Well, this subject we shall discuss in our next write-up here.

So thank you for reading. Cheers!

Your questions and comments are most welcome.

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