Have you ever dreamed of attending Burning Man? 

Well, let me tell you, I have always wanted to attend Burning Man. It has been a dream I’ve had for many years. But when it came time to plan and schedule, the fantasy was interrupted, the vision got side tracked, and the default world full of travel, children and work provided good cover for our many excuses. Yet we knew, the excuses were a distraction to the real obstacle: our fear of uncertainty. What is going to happen if I actually attend Burning Man?

This year something magical happened. That resident fear slowly faded into curiosity after receiving an invitation to a wedding at Black Rock City. A few hours of YouTube videos later, a number of days of researching how to survive the long stretch of time in the desert and after reading the Ten Principles of the event, my curiosity turned into determination. Burning Man was calling, the setting and the uniqueness of the invitation was too strong a pull. We would find a way to attend.

Love had struck. My wife Nisha and I found our way to make it happen. So in 2019, we are not only attending Burning Man, but we are contributing to one of the most beautiful art camps that ever entered the mystical playa.  

Our dear friends Dawn and Jordan, who are getting married at Burning Man, are also leading the creation of the most incredible project we could have ever imagined. Their project, love, earth aims to be the largest love letter ever conceived. One that can be seen from space. To kickstart the effort, as a camp we are building the comma cathedral, a structural installation that will form the beginning of the giant-sized love, earth art piece to be built in the years ahead. 

In order to fulfill the multi-year effort to bring to life the largest love letter ever seen, the soul of the project needs to be supported by a cascade of love letters, all signed love, earth. Inside the comma cathedral, we are creating a nexus point to unite these written words, to house the emotion and spark the action. A place to channel the most powerful human feeling, that of love, through poem and rhyme, characters and phrases, to give Earth a voice.

Imagine. You could send three lines of poetic prose, a simple desire, wish, commitment or short love note and take part in the largest love letter ever conceived? And in the process not only send love, signed Earth, to humanity, but also contribute in a small way to that dream of being a citizen at Burning Man. And if you did, I would say you were someone who believes in the power of love.

And then, you just never know, you might be the next person to be struck by love. The excuses will will fade and your opportunity to attend one of the most unique events on the planet will arrive. Take part and that dream might come true sooner than you think. 

To learn more about this wonderful project and see how you can contribute you can check it out here http://www.signedloveearth.com.

In life we are all looking for happiness and love, so please join us.

See the full story here and send us your love letters!


  • Sharad Khare

    Digital Journalist, Legacy Documentarian, Curator, Curious Soul

    Sharad Kharé 

    Founder of Human Biography

    Digital Storyteller / Legacy Documentarian 

    Sharad Kharé is an award winning storyteller and documentarian that lives in Vancouver, BC.  He is the founder Human Biography, a Vancouver-based content agency that produces original video content for the most incredible humans, brands, and organizations across the globe.

    See a glimpse of Sharad’s passionate lens:


    The Human Biography team have been chosen by the world’s most accomplished in their respective fields and industries to create video messaging for their targeted audiences.

    Sharad has documented people like the Dalai Lama, Meryl Streep, Arianna Huffington, Chip Wilson, Susan Sarandon, Val Kilmer, Helen Mirren, Jack and Suzy Welch, Peter Diamandis, Maye Musk, Jacqueline Novogratz, and Katy Perry as well as many leaders and CEOs from all over the world.

    Human Biography has created content with such organizations as TED, Microsoft, UN Women, Beedie, RBC, The David Lynch Foundation, Goldcorp, BCIT and many more.

    As a creative director,  his work with their subjects to ensure the content is consistent from the storyboard process to production to final editing.

    Sharad has been known to travel anywhere in the world that the story takes him, always in pursuit of new and exciting legacy projects to create. His signature interview style is to have a one-on-one dialogue that covers the person’s life journey from beginning to present, comfortably bringing out candid and interesting stories through conversation and unscripted interaction. 

    You can see more of the portfolio at his corporate site : www.kharecom.com

    Sharad holds a Masters degree in communications, where his academic research focused on personal and digital legacy.

    His hallmark work is in human legacy.  Sharad and his team video team documents families and leaders to capture their thoughts, history and candid stories. This content is often kept privately by their clients to be shared with future generations. In addition, Human Biography creates commercial content for everyday businesses and organizations. This may include video content for advertising, social media, or for educational purposes.

    Sharad is the co-founder of “The Indigenous Collective” and has been a prolific collaborator with the Indigenous community, directing and producing video projects that capture First Nations stories and culture. Here is a reference of his work: https://www.theindigenouscollective.com

    The production team at Human Biography goes to where the stories are. They have captured stories in their home country Canada, Europe, Asia and the UK, not to mention all across North America and beyond.

    You can see more of his work here www.HumanBiography.com

    Sharad was awarded the Disruptor Fellowship at the United Nationa Head Quarters in New York in 2019 for his innovative work in media, recognized by distinguished icons and visionaries globally.

    See that here : https://www.disruptorawards.com/new-blog-66/fellows-blog-last-name-s?rq=Sharad

    Sharad is currently on the board of the Laurier Institution, Live Big Society, and BC Cancer, and is currently the President of TIE Vancouver which is a chapter of a global entrepreneur group that mentors and advises some of the most active entrepreneurs in the world.