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Who hasn’t dreamed of being “discovered’? Doing what you love and having someone notice and reward you for doing it. When I started running distance, it was around the Charles River where we lived as Grad students at MIT. I used to get up really early and run, then come home and share my “running thought of the day”. If there was a problem to solve, a dream to follow, or a an “ah-ha” moment it came to me while running, while moving through space. Didn’t know then that my joy of running would totally change my life.Fast forward to my first job teaching Fitness at The Mt. Auburn Club. I taught everything Spinning, BodyPump, Step and even created my own Stability Ball class. When I had time for my own workout I took to the treadmill and got my run in. This was many years ago and it was such a perk to run in AC with music and a fresh towel :)One day, I will never forget, my Boss came up to me and said “someone saw you running and asked me for your number, she wants to talk to you about auditioning for a commercial”. I smiled awkwardly and thought to myself… not for me…I’m too shy. That truly was my first thought, that I would feel too exposed, too embarrassed, and that surely I was not good enough. Luckily, my husband convinced me to go to the audition and just show up. So, I showed up to the YMCA in Boston, and when I walked in I was one of about 100 women, except all the others were Models- very tall and a very different body type. Spent some time feeling very inadequate and just taking it all in. I had never auditioned for anything and was very shy at the time. Everything changed in a moment though, when it was my turn to run. The Casting Director, Melissa Doyle, explained the look and feel she wanted, and it could not have been a more natural fit for me- she wanted the look of a runner who gets up early while the grass still dewy and loves to run..think Nike. In an absolute moment, my confidence went from 0 to 100, I am a runner, I love to run, and my body is well suited for running compared to the very tall women who did not run, they Modeled… Another moment, I will never forget, and one that completely changed my life… and even the life of 2 of my girls. As soon as I finished my “run”, the Casting Director looked at me very seriously, and asked me about my availability for the week. Right then, right there, at the YMCA in Boston, I landed my first National Commercial for TJ Maxx and also got my SAG card. A new career, opened up and one that has been one of my greatest joys as well as a wonderful compliment to teaching movement. Soon after this commercial I booked a Visa Commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.CLICK TO SEE: Clip from the Commercial
That one day of “showing up” and just giving it my best shot, has allowed me to be in National Commercials. To be, Tina Fey’s Stand In, and work along side Martin Scorsese in an American Express Commercial directed by the “King of Super Bowl” commercials- Bryan Buckley. A few of the famous I have been so fortunate to work closely with- The Rock, Mark Wahlberg, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell and the whole cast of Daddy’s Home 2, Cameron Diaz, Jeremy Irons, Diane Keaton, and so many more. The pic above is from one favorite movie job: I was seated in front of Rob Lowe while he incorporated me and my chair into the scene, I got to literally move with him while he delivered his lines. There is a whole story that goes with this movie, as they moved me into the scene and replaced the woman in that seat with me….all based on how I walked and moved in an earlier scene. This is not a moment to brag but a sincere reflection as I think about the love we have for what we do whether it is work, hobby or sport. The chances and opportunities that come along when we say yes, and move through the discomfort.These moments define our lives.
On the Valentines Day, please remind yourself of the love that is inside of you “true love doesn’t come to you it has to be inside you”- Julia Roberts. If you do things out of love you may get “discovered” or you may just discover that loving what you do is the secret to everything.
This one day of capturing a look and feel came from many early am runs all alone, it was inside me and I was able to draw from it, share it and utilize it at the right time. 
That is what movement, natural movement does for us and is revealed through us.
As I have shared, my daughter Corinne is on the set of Don’t Look Up and is a Stand In for Jennifer Lawerence. My youngest Katherine moved from Milan to Miami and has three Modeling Agents. My daughters have shared that -if I hadn’t been in the “Biz” for so many years they may not have thought to try and pursue these elusive and open ended worlds. So, does “everything happen for a reason”, I believe so but with a whole lot of consistency and showing up. 
You never know when you will be “discovered” but raise your glass today and discover the art of showing up for yourself and making sure you do what you love and continue to discover.
In less than a week I get to work with and be directed by George Clooney for a week, he is one of my absolute favorite actors. If it were not for that day, doing what I loved, running on that treadmill, showing up to the YMCA terrified….(this was late 90’s), and assessing what was needed from me at that moment, my life would be very different.On a day that is all about love, sending lot’s of love and my favorite quotes:“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive”- Howard Thurman – Visionary.
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