This is the greatest news I will ever deliver to you (you will hear this from me so often!).

Some of you may think that you just don’t love yourself. You may not even like yourself that much.  

You say it like you’re delivering the news. Like it’s something that happens outside of your control.

You put conditions to your love.

When you lose weight, you’ll love yourself.

When you find a partner, you’ll love yourself.

When you achieve financial independence, you’ll love yourself.

When you get successful with your business, you’ll love yourself.

When you finally get your dad’s approval, you’ll love yourself.

Each time you deny yourself love, each time you put it off,  you’re practicing the habit of not loving yourself unconditionally.

And you teach your brain this is how you treat yourself.

You teach your brain that in order for you to love you, there is a list of conditions that need to be checked off.  

Each time you get better and denying yourself love.

But, the other side of the coin is that loving yourself unconditionally is also a skill.  

Therefore you can train yourself and master it.  

You can teach your brain that you have your own back, always.

That you love yourself no matter what.  

Why wait until you check off any item on the list to love yourself when you can do it right now?

It’s so worth it.  

Everytime you choose to love yourself, you teach your brain that is how you treat yourself.

Do it enough times and you build a habit.  

Practice that habit enough times and you get very skilled at it.  

You’ll be able to love yourself through thick and thin.  

You won’t be demanding or expecting others to do that job for you.  

You’ll have your own back, and you’ll trust yourself more. Everything gets easier.  

Achieving anything from a place of self-love is much fun.  

Try it.

I dare you.