Luke Cervino is an influential Marketing Agent and Founder of A1A Media. Since he started his business, Luke has encountered several obstacles and challenges that have primed him better for survival.

In this article, Luke shares his top tips and lessons learned that have helped him scale obstacles and succeed in life and business. 

Stress Gets to Everybody 

Whenever you are suddenly overcome by intense physical or emotional tension, you can be sure that what you are feeling is called stress. Stress is typically a by-product of other emotions such as anger, anxiety, and even over-exertion. 

Feeling stressed out is an almost inevitable situation for us as human beings. There are so many factors in our immediate and internal surroundings that can contribute to causing stress. But how do we deal with them?

For Luke, the answer is mindset. 

“When you are doing what you love you should not feel stressed,” Luke states. “I love what I do and most days I do not feel like I am working or stressing out.”

According to him, having a balance of work, eating healthy foods, exercising, and finding a hobby you love to do are some activities that can really go a long way in mitigating stress. 

 “I love to read new books, and I also have a fun hobby/business in sports trading cards.” Luke shares.

Always have a plan

Luke has found that one of the best ways for him to stay productive is to always have a plan for the day. In his case, he uses Google Calendar to schedule and map out his day.

Blocking off specific times for work is very important when you are trying to balance business and life. This habit will help you to improve your focus and minimize distractions and unproductive activities.

You can also take a leaf out of Luke’s book and pencil in additional time to take breaks and relax. Periodic breaks in between bouts of work will help you re-calibrate and adjust for the rest of the day.

Take Action

One of Luke’s favorite quotes is from American author Tony Robbins. It says;

A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.”

Luke firmly believes that one of the greatest markers of success is taking action, and doing it repeatedly.

“Try and Try and Try again,” he shares. “ As you go along, you need to track your success and failures. Never use ignorance as an excuse to fail. Instead, you should do more research and educate yourself. Network with good people and bring value to the table.”

Luke’s constant advice for other professionals in the world is to always remember that time does not stop for no one. Keep pushing forward, learn to adapt, and learn to try new things. Be creative in your business. Most importantly, don’t give up on your dreams.