In business it is guaranteed to run in to stress, and many people look at stress differently and deal with it in their own, unique way!

For Luke Scheffers the way of dealing with stress is to accept that it exists and deal with it straight on! Luke is a young entrepreneur that helps business owners grow their social media and get seen all over the web!

Stress in unavoidable and diversity will always exist, there is no escaping it, if you pretend it isn’t there, it’s going to catch up with you and you won’t know how to avoid it.

There is no such thing as a lack of adversity. The point isn’t to get away from adversity. It’s to find the adversity you can accept dealing with.

Overcoming Obstacles

As someone who has played basketball, Luke has mastered perseverance, and now he has moved that skill into his business. This young entrepreneur has learned to just tackle his obstacles head on!

 I would love to say I just tackle every obstacle head on and always win, but sometimes you lose too.

However with every loss, comes a lesson to learn from: “In my mind, I never lose, I just learn. If something doesn’t work out the first time, I will learn from my mistakes and try again.

Self Awareness

Being aware of yourself and your actions is one of the key factors to success! Being able to understand what is going on in your head can take you to completely different heights!

Self-awareness is the key to a ton in life. Always be able to unbiasedly access yourself and why you think and act certain ways.

These were some wise words from Luke, and if you want to connect with him, you can do so through his instagram account!