Leadership is an invaluable skill that can be developed in a myriad of ways. Elon Musk of Tesla hates boardroom meetings. He is known to go around the room and ask each participant why they are there to make sure that no time is being wasted on “empty talk.” Sir Richard Branson puts his team first and invests in extensive training programs. Mac Angelo, the digital investor and credit mastermind who founded and is running LevelXstream, has learned leadership time and again through various life experiences.

A former military man, Mac spent six years under the mentorship of generals and superiors. It was there that they let him in on a secret: the best way to manage a team is to divide into small units and make sure that each specializes in a distinct area.

Mac is applying these very principles at LevelXstream. The company has a few hundred customers, and they are growing each and every day. Apart from the in-house team, Mac is managing a number of affiliates across the globe. “I know exactly where every one of my clients is within their journey, as well as my employees. We have impeccable communication within the company. We contract with Slack and other companies that have made speaking to each other seamless,” he shares.

Specialization is working out beautifully at LevelXstream. The company is just one example of sustainable implementation of leadership. At the end of the day, leadership is about improving wellness for hard-working teams through efficiency.

Mac Angelo invests in his people and makes sure that everyone has the proper equipment, guidance, and support. He wants to see his team thrive at work and beyond. Mindset is crucial in leadership. When a team has a strong, focused, and fearless leader, they are much more likely to succeed.

“When I was young, I lacked the motivation to network, and frankly, that hurt me big time. So now I’m trying not to make that mistake again. As a mentor and a leader, I emphasize the importance of networking and experience exchange. You can’t go at it alone, and really, you shouldn’t have to,” he says.

When leadership is clear and defined at the workspace, that directly translates into a greater level of wellness in employees’ personal lives. Mac’s team is thrilled with their work, leader, and the fact that they change people’s lives through repairing their credit and effectively wiping the slate of their financial life clean. The team is growing and rating their work experiences very highly.

According to internal analysis and facts shared by Mac Angelo, LevelXstream has not spent a single dime on advertisements or paid traffic. “Our marketing is free. We started with some affiliates, and they enjoyed working with us so much that they told all their friends and family. So we began growing and continued on an upward spiral. And we are now poised to expand exponentially over the next few months. The pandemic has sped that process up for us because money is now a crucial topic, and the world has gone predominantly digital, so this has brought us more into the spotlight, let’s say,” remarks Mac.

For Mac, hiring the right people is pivotal. He wants to lead a group of like-minded people and always chooses those who are highly-motivated self-starters, who are excited about taking on new challenges. “Flexibility is a big one. If you’ve got that willingness, you’ll go far in business and in life, and stay healthy while progressing,” he says. Leadership is inextricably linked to wellness, and thanks to entrepreneurs like Mac Angelo, the future looks brighter than ever.