This luxury skin treatment clinic in the UK has been taking the skin care scene by storm. They not only have the stamp of approval from all your favorite influencers, but they have the skills and services to prove it. So who is it? MagniSkin. Established in 2019, two sisters, Pinar and Songul, have been working to build an international reputation for themselves and MagniSkin. After years of helping women feel more confident with themselves, it’s safe to say they are finally pulling it off. Pinar and Songul spend most of their time developing their brand and business, if it’s not working in the salon, it’s marketing and creating content for their social media accounts. They dedicate themselves to their business success and brand growth. On the off chance that they aren’t working, the two sisters are most dedicated to spending time with their loved ones. 

Now you may be thinking, “another skin care salon? What’s so unique about that?” A trip to the MagniSkin clinic will begin with getting to know your own skin and its needs. From there, they will help educate you on the best course of action for perfecting your skins so you can make the best decision as to which journey you’d like to take with them. After your make-over at MagniSkin you will leave feeling like you have truly magnificent skin, but don’t take my word for it, take it from some clients of theirs you just might know, such as, Lemy Beauty, Janet Joshua, Arabella Chi, Francesca Allen. Baby Gee, Sasha Pereiraa, Ellie Jones, Its Bee and Elma Pazar. 

A typical work day for these two sisters might look something like this: after waking up, brushing teeth, and having a cold shower, their skin care routine always begins with prepping the skin with a cleaner, toner, and SPF. Following that, the sisters get ready with their favorite makeup look and go-to hair styler, the dyson air wrap. Once they are ready for the day, you can find them in the MagniSkin clinic with their first client’s treatment beginning around 10 am and the last client leaving around 8pm. Pinar and Songul ensure to stay hydrated throughout the day and never fail to squeeze in some time creating content and editing their videos. At the end of the working day, the dynamic duo ensures to always have a family dinner. To wind down, they love to pamper themselves and their skin by doing regular face masks and having herbal teas and fresh fruits. Just because they run the salon doesn’t mean their skin doesn’t deserve some TLC as well. 

Clearly these sisters have their work-life balance down to science. They have managed to not only be successful during a pandemic, but truly flourish and outgrow all of their competition. A few skin care secrets they are willing to divulge is: always take collagen supple-ments (preferably before bed), apply SPF daily, wash your face with cold water to stimulate blood flow and tighten the skin and sleep with a silk pillowcase. Make sure you check them out on their website and Instagram to learn more.


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