Buddhism is the dominant religion in Myanmar, Japan, Tibet, Laos, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.The Buddhist philosophy is based on the free will to search inside yourself, whatever you think is physically and mentally good for you and what isn’t (hence it’s flexibility). Buddha himself encouraged people to search their own spirit before embracing his knowledge and he always stated he does not want people to follow him because of simple superstitions or blind belief.

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Choose their own path in life..

Buddhism is a religion that respects the right of everyone to choose their own path in life, therefore it is tolerant to the other religions, teaching people to live together in harmony, regardless of race, belief or nationality. It recognizes all humans as being equal, preaches upon universal love, kindness and compassion, not only in relation to other humans, but to animals and plants too. Because man and nature share the world, Buddhism states that it is up to us to contribute to the well being of the counter-part in order for us to reach happiness ourselves. The religion sees life as a constantly changing process and the goal of those that practice it is to take full advantage of this asset. Because life is changing so quickly and so often, man can change too, from evil to good, from heartless to compassionate, but only with the help of his own mind and spirit, and Buddhism developed many ways for humans to shape them.

Meditation is important

The most important of these methods is meditation, a way to induce positive state-of-minds, calmness, concentration, positive consciences and emotions (like friendship, love, compassion, etc.). Through meditation and moral behavior, anyone can reach Nirvana, a state of transcendental enlightening, although it is not enough to do these during a single life, each individual soul being the subject of many lives, in all of which, it gathers up karma. The karma is defined by actions, bad or good, that we do intentionally, with sense of what is right or wrong. Basically each person’s karma represents his good and bad deeds, added up throughout all of his lives, the level of his karma, determining the nature of his present life. When, after the passing of several lives, a soul gathers enough good karma, the chain of births and reincarnations is finally broken, the soul then rising into the state of Nirvana, the heavenly rest.