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There is no end to the number of fitness routines and programs available today. If you do a quick online search for the best practices, you’ll be wading through pages of opinions and reviews. This can make it hard to find a fitness routine that helps you achieve your desired results. Once you’ve found that routine and achieved some results, maintaining it while life gets in the way can become a struggle. Here are some ways to ensure you can maintain a doable fitness routine.

Set Goals

When you started a fitness routine, you most likely had some goals in mind. Some individuals set a goal to run a marathon. Many want to lose weight, so they set weight loss goals and work with one of the many popular weight loss programs. Others desire to gain weight and work with programs such as the gomad diet. In time, if you have been successful, your goals will change. To maintain a program, you need to set new goals. These goals may not be specific in terms of pounds, but they can be more time-focused. For maintenance, consider setting a certain amount of time to spend each day working out. Having goals helps with motivation. 

Stay Motivated

The key to a doable routine is doing something you enjoy or at least something you believe is beneficial to your health. If you enjoy the foods on the diet and the exercises, you will be more apt to continue with the program. Still, as time goes on, diets become stale and exercise becomes routine. When you hit a plateau, find ways to expand upon your diet and exercise routines. Just as you become complacent, so does your body. To maintain results, you need to switch things up by incorporating new or additional methods. You keep your motivation levels up as you work toward new goals. 

Track Results

Use a fitness tracking app or a simple spreadsheet to track your results. Daily, record your weight and any other important measurements. Keep a record of distance run, weight lifted, or time on the bike. Review your results at least weekly and if trends show you declining in any area, make adjustments. This will allow you to quickly adjust your routine. Many online apps track calories and nutritional values. These apps can help you see if you are getting the right amount of protein, fruits and vegetables, and vitamins and minerals for your dietary needs

Choose Wisely

The best exercise for you is the one you will enjoy doing. Enjoyment will help you stay motivated. Choose an exercise program that is something you can do at home or near your home.  Not everyone lives near the gym, and when tired after working all day, it’s hard to find the motivation to go to the gym if it is out of your direct path home. If you have the space, consider an in-home, stationary bike, treadmill, or a set of weights to help on days when you can’t get to the gym. Some people find running as the perfect activity. They can do it outdoors when home and in a gym when out of town. If your workplace offers workout facilities, that may be an excellent option to help you maintain your routine. Even if the workplace gym doesn’t offer enough, due to its ease of use, it’s worth it to investigate ways you can achieve your goals on their equipment. Whatever the exercise choice, you’ll have a better chance of maintaining the program if it’s something you enjoy and working out is convenient. 


Maintaining a fitness program is all about motivation. To stay motivated, you need a firm goal. Once you have set the goal, you need to track your progress and monitor your results. Goals will change over time. You’ll achieve some goals and set new ones. As you set new goals, make adjustments to your routine. The variety will help keep you motivated.