It often seems impossible in our grief to maintain a connection with our lost loved ones. If you want to continue the bond with your loved one, you can. We have some ways that you may not have thought of before, and hopefully will help you reach your lost loved one.

Look Through Old Photos Of Them

Some people are strange about keeping photos. It isn’t weird that you pay tribute to your loved one by looking through old photos of them. This helps you feel connected to them on another level. You get to relive old memories of good times. You get to remember the way they influenced your life. It connects you in a special way.

Talk To Them

No one is going to think you’re crazy for talking to your lost loved one. It’s actually a natural thing to do. It brings comfort to you to know they’re hearing what you have to say. You can talk to them about what’s going on in your life the way you can’t talk to anyone that’s living. This is a way to get things out of your head as well. They cannot talk back, but they can hear you.

Incorporate Them In Special Days

It’s an honor to leave an empty seat for your loved one at the holiday meal table or set out a tribute to them at your wedding. Talk to your family about the best ways they feel you can all include them on big events and special days. Just because they aren’t there in physical spirit doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include them. You’re going to be thinking of them on these big days. There’s no reason to exclude them just because they cannot be there in the physical sense.

Finish Their Projects

The person may have left behind projects that just beg to be finished. It might be an art project, work around the house, a team they coached, or a work project. Try to pick up and work on the project for them. You might even find out you love doing these projects. You can connect with them as well as continue their legacy. You might even learn some new things about them.